Japan and Overseas OfficesMarubeni Australia Ltd.

Marubeni Australia Ltd.


Address P.O. Box R1000, Royal Exchange, Sydney, N.S.W. 1225, Australia
Level 16, 44 Market Street, Sydney, N.S.W. 2000, Australia
TEL 61-2-9931-2222
FAX 61-2-9931-2299
Founded August 4, 1960
President & CEO Shinichi Kobayashi
Branches and Offices Melbourne Branch, Perth Branch, Port Moresby Branch
URL https://www.marubeni.com/oceania/

Major products and businesses

Exports Iron ore, aluminum, LPG, chip, meat, grain, beverage ingredients, etc.
Imports Chemicals, industrial machinery, facility machinery, commodities, etc.
Trilateral Grain, etc.
Domestic Meat, grain, etc.