Marubeni Management Philosophy

Company Creed

Fairness, Innovation and HarmonyFairness, Innovation and Harmony

“Sei, Shin, Wa” which means “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony” has been our company creed since the company's foundation.

Marubeni Management Philosophy

In accordance with the spirit grounded in “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony,” the Marubeni Group is proudly committed to social and economic development and safeguarding the global environment by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.

Marubeni Spirit

"Marubeni Spirit," stipulated in 2013, expresses the corporate culture and spirit promoted by the Marubeni Group in simplified terms reflecting the behavior of individuals.

  • 「志」大きな志で未来を築け Possess the willpower to shape the future
  • 「挑」挑戦者たれ Relish a great challenge
  • 「論」自由闊達に議論を尽くせ Value a full, free and vigorous debate
  • 「強」困難を強かに突破せよ Fight through hardships
  • 「正」常に迷わず正義を貫け Maintain a formidable sense of fairness