Energy & Infrastructure Solution GroupPower Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Power Generation Business
    - Renewable Energy Generation business
    - Fuel to Power*1 business
    - Gas-fired and other thermal power generation business
  • Power Service and Retail Business
    - Retail Power Sales
    - De-centralized Power Sources
    - Smart city and community-based utility service business
    - Storage, VPP, V2X*2, and aggregation businesses
    - New businesses
    - EPC*3 business and O&M business

Photo Source: Akita Offsohre Wind Corporation

1 Fuel to Power: Integrated business from procurement of fuel (gas) to storage and power generation

2 V2X (Vehicle-to-X): Using the storage batteries of EVs to supply electricity to buildings (Vehicle to Building), and to provide supply and demand adjustment to power grids (Vehicle to Grid)

3 EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Our Strengths

Active development of renewable energy generation projects to help realize a low-carbon society

In pursuit of a low-carbon society that mitigates climate change as a sustainable development goal, we are expanding our renewable energy generation business globally, including offshore and onshore wind power, solar power, biomass, and hydropower. We are also working on reducing the environmental impact associated with our power generation business through the reduction of our coal-fired power generation projects*4. We will consider the adoption of new technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

4 We will cut our net generation capacity of coal-fired power generation (approximately 3GW at the end of FY2018) in half by 2025.

  • The Offshore Wind Farm Project at Noshiro Port (Japan)
    Noshiro Port Offshore Wind Farm
    Source : Akita Offshore Wind Corporation
  • Changhua Floating Solar Project (Taiwan)
    Changhua Floating Solar Project (Taiwan)
  • Sweihan Photovoltaic IPP Project (U.A.E.)
    Sweihan Photovoltaic IPP Project (U.A.E.)

Strong Regional marketing capabilities in Japan and Overseas, industry Top-Class IPP*5 Track Record, EPC Coordination Capabilities, excellent Asset Management System

In the power generation business, Marubeni delivers a safe and stable supply of power by taking a leading role throughout the entirety of the projects in which it participates. From development to construction, and finally to operation & maintenance, Marubeni leverages its industry expertise, fostered by a wealth of knowledge and experience in EPC and project finance, fully supported by a worldwide network of strongholds for project development and asset management. Marubeni has built an optimum IPP/IWPP asset portfolio in a diverse range of regions of the world. Most of the projects are guaranteed under long-term power purchase agreements which provide a stable profit foundation. In Japan and overseas, our total net generation capacity is 11,550MW (as of the end of March 2023) which is comparable to leading international IPP players.

5 IPP:Independent Power Producers

  • Rantau Dedap Geothermal Independent Power Project (Indonesia)
    Rantau Dedap Geothermal Independent Power Project (Indonesia)
  • Sur Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Power IPP Project (Oman)
    Sur Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Power IPP Project (Oman)
  • San Roque Hydro Power IPP Project (Philippines)
    San Roque Hydro Power IPP Project (Philippines)

Vast experience in wholesale and retail power sales, diverse track record in electric power services business

Through SmartestEnergy Ltd., a company established in the U.K. in 2001, we are conducting aggregation/whole-procurement and retail sale of primarily renewably generated power to the U.K. power market. We have launched this business in the United States and Australia as well. Domestically, in 2000 when the Japanese power retail market became deregulated, Marubeni established Marubeni Power Retail Corporation as a PPS (Power Producer and Supplier) and entered the market. This allowed Marubeni to, among other things, internally balance the supply and demand of power retail sales through power sourced from Marubeni-owned plants. Marubeni has thus accumulated ample skill in supply-and-demand management and has an impressive track record of power projects.
In addition to expanding its distributed power generation business, Marubeni is strengthening and expanding its initiatives in the power service business field utilizing DX, including online sales of battery storage systems, energy management services for consumers such as optimal EV charging strategies, and monitoring and analysis technologies for efficient use of transmission lines.

  • A trading desk at SmartestEnergy (U.K.)
    A trading desk at SmartestEnergy (U.K.)
  • Online sales of battery storage systems (Japan)
    Online sales of battery storage systems (Japan)
  • Services related to reuse and recycling of used solar panels (Japan)
    Services related to reuse and recycling of used solar panels (Japan)

Through a combination of these functions, provide comprehensive energy solutions that solve complex issues of customers

As society shifts to carbon neutrality, we will create added value by combining the various functions of the Marubeni Group, as described above, and providing comprehensive energy solutions for efficient energy use and decarbonization to meet diversifying customer needs.
We will expand our community-based power service (local production for local consumption of renewable energy and hydrogen, urban decarbonization, etc.), supply/demand adjustment using battery storage and ancillary services for power grids where renewable energy is introduced.

  • Energy Storage System for power grids using used in-vehicle storage batteries (U.S.)
    Energy Storage System for power grids using used in-vehicle storage batteries (U.S.)
  • V2X verification (U.K.)
    V2X verification (U.K.)
  • Smart city business (Philippines)
    Smart city business (Philippines)

Together, we can go further.

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