Japan and Overseas OfficesMarubeni (China) Co., Ltd.

Marubeni (China) Co., Ltd.


Address 6F, Tower3, Jing An Kerry Centre, 1228 Yan An Zhong Road, Jing An District, Shanghai 200040, China
TEL 86-21-6841-1932
FAX 86-21-6841-2378
Founded October 1995
President & CEO Yoshinori Ogawa
Local subsidiaries Marubeni (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. (Changchun Branch, Dalian Branch), Marubeni (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Marubeni (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Branch, Nanjing Branch, Hefei Branch, Wuhan Branch, Chengdu Branch, Xiamen Branch, Kunming Office, Shenzhen Branch), Marubeni (Guangzhou) Trading Co.,Ltd.
Branch Beijing Branch

Major products and businesses

Exports Marine products, animal products, apparel products, various chemicals, paper, coal, naphtha, ship oil, steel products
Imports Grain, animal products, rice, coffee, marine products, various chemicals, textile materials, fabric, pulp and paper, chips, footwear, non-ferrous metal products, steel products, automobile parts, vessels, manufacturing facilities, machine tools, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving facilities
Trilateral Grain, various chemicals, textile materials, fabric, crude oil, LNG, coal, iron ore, ferroalloy, copper, zinc and aluminum metals, plant facilities
Domestic Chemicals (petrochemical products), apparel products, pulp and paper, food products, non-ferrous metal