CDIONext Generation Corporate Development Division

Our Mission

Building new pillars for Marubeni’s future growth by 2030

We will lead Marubeni Group’s expansion into new business areas (white space opportunities) with a focus on investments in the high growth potential consumer sector. By expanding our business domains, we will promote the growth of Marubeni as a whole and enhance its corporate value.


Business Overview and Strengths

Corporate Development

Through Marubeni Growth Capital, established as an investment platform in Singapore and the United States, we capture local trends and help Marubeni Group enter high-growth potential consumer-related businesses. As a long-term partner for our investee companies, we will continue to support their growth and help them enhance their value.

1Marubeni’s Global Network

We promote the business expansion and value enhancement of the investee companies by leveraging Marubeni’s worldwide network of diversified businesses.

2Strategic investment from a long-term perspective

We support the growth of the investee companies as their long-term partners.

3Investments in consumer-related businesses

In Southeast Asia and the United States, we build our business portfolio by investing in consumer-related businesses with particularly high growth potential.


Project Example

Focusing on the increase in demand for coffee in Southeast Asia and the rising use of cafes, especially among young people, we are the exclusive franchisee of Tim Hortons, a major coffee chain from Canada, in three Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

Tim Hortons

Start-up Investment

At Marubeni Ventures, our corporate venture capital arm, we gain insight into the world’s most innovative technologies and business models through investments in startup and venture funds globally. We support the growth of our startup companies, where appropriate forming business alliances, and apply the insight we gain to help Marubeni create new business models.

Marubeni Ventures’ Investees

  • GrubMarket

    D-ID (Israel)
    Creating video content, avatar chatbots, and other products driven by AI technology

  • GrubMarket

    Manufacturing a low cost and low energy consumption Flash Memory IP Core

  • GrubMarket

    Moxion Power(United States)
    Providing portable storage batteries as an alternative to fossil fuel-based generators

  • GrubMarket

    Orbit Fab(United States)
    Refueling satellites in outer space.

Next Generation Media Business

Capital and strategic alliance with UK e-sports team Fnatic
Capital and strategic alliance with UK e-sports team Fnatic

We are working to build a new media business centered on social media, video games, video distribution sites, and other Internet media targeting the next generation consumers.