CDIONext Generation Corporate Development Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Corporate Development
  • Start-up Investment
  • Next Generation Media Business

Our Strengths

Corporate Development

Under the theme of “bringing growth in Asia into Marubeni,” we established an organization specializing in investment to bring growth businesses for the next generation of consumers into the Marubeni Group through investment and M&A as well as to support growth and promote value-enhancing measures as a long-term partner of the companies in which we invest.

Start-up Investment

By investing in innovative start-ups globally through Marubeni Ventures, our corporate venture capital arm, and investments in venture funds under Temasek, a Singaporean government-affiliated investment company, we gain exposure to the world’s most advanced and groundbreaking technologies, enhancing a culture of innovation and forward thinking within the Marubeni Group, while applying the strengths of the Marubeni network to help our portfolio companies grow.

Next Generation Media Business

Using e-sports initiatives as a starting point, we are working to build a new media business centered on social media, video distribution sites, and other Internet media targeting the next generation of consumers (Millennials and Generation Z).

  • Capital and strategic alliance with UK e-sports team Fnatic
    Capital and strategic alliance with UK e-sports team Fnatic