Food & Agri GroupAgri Business Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Sales of agri-inputs (fertilizer, crop protection products, seeds, proprietary products)
  • Providing contract services for fertilizer application and spraying crop protection products
  • Delivering technical services such as precision agriculture
  • Formulation of crop protection products
  • Fertilizer trade

Our Strengths

Global expansion of the agri-input business

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC is a comprehensive agronomic solutions provider in the U.S. which has “People… Products… Knowledge…” as its corporate policy. Helena has established a firm position as a major retailer in the U.S. agriculture industry, with a sales network that connects directly to farmers nationwide, and continues to evolve in response to the ever-changing market environment. Marubeni also operates a fertilizer distribution business in the U.S. As well as Helena in the U.S., Marubeni owns major agri-input retailers in the U.K., the Netherlands, and Brazil, and fertilizer/crop protection product manufacturers in Japan, Malaysia, and Myanmar, and is expanding the agri-input business worldwide.

  • Agricultural advice from experts (Mertens)
    Agricultural advice from experts (Mertens)
  • Contract service for fertilizer application (Helena)
    Contract service for fertilizer application (Helena)
  • Agri-input retail business in Brazil (Adubos Real S.A.)
    Agri-input retail business in Brazil (Adubos Real S.A.)

Together, we can go further.