Energy & Infrastructure Solution GroupNew Energy Business Development Department

Major Products and Areas

  • Hydrogen and ammonia production and distribution business
  • Hydrogen local production for local consumption and ammonia business
  • Hydrogen and ammonia trading and marketing
  • Hydrogen retail business (hydrogen refueling station business)
  • SAF and synthetic fuels production and distribution business (such as e-methane)
  • Synthetic fuels trading and marketing
  • CCUS* business

Abbreviation for Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage

Photo: PoC of Green Hydrogen Production and Utilization in South Australia

Our Strengths

Leveraging the business foundations and strengths of the Energy Division, the Power Division, and the Infrastructure Project Division, we will establish a new energy supply chain from production to utilization

By bringing together new energy-related businesses from the Energy Division, the Power Division, and the Infrastructure Project Division within the Energy & Infrastructure Solutions Group and capitalizing on each division’s business foundation while leveraging the strengths of existing fields, we aim to build a new energy supply chain that will contribute to decarbonization from production to utilization.

Creating new businesses by bringing together human capital with diverse backgrounds and expertise

The Energy & Infrastructure Solutions Group’s human capital, who have diverse backgrounds and expertise in the petroleum and LNG trading and marketing business (Energy Division), the power and renewable energy generation business (Power Division), and infrastructure-related investments and EPC* of plants (Infrastructure Project Division), will be brought together in a single department to create new business models in the new energy field.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Utilizing our knowledge, know-how, and network in the new energy field acquired through demonstration projects in Japan and overseas

We will contribute to the new energy field as a pioneer in the decarbonization industry by maintaining and expanding the knowledge and know-how we have acquired through our participation in demonstration projects and feasibility studies in various new energy fields in both Japan and overseas regardless of scale, as well as our network that transcends the borders between industry, government, and academia.

Together, we can go further.