Social Contribution Activities

Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities (Formulated in January 2006)

Basic Principle

Based on the company creed “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony,” we will be aware of the responsibility as a corporate citizen in the global community, and take initiatives in social contribution activities.

Basic Policy for Activities

With a universal perspective, we will focus on social welfare, international exchange, community contribution, global environment, and cultural support as the five priority areas. We will actively promote social contribution activities as a corporation, while also encouraging our executives and employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Specific Activity Policies

Based on the Basic Principle and the Basic Policy for Activities, we have established the following specific policies, and the whole Marubeni Group will engage in social contribution activities.

  1. Social Welfare
    We will engage in a broad range of activities including disaster relief, primarily through support of the social welfare corporation Marubeni Foundation.
  2. International Exchange
    We will contribute to activities for the international community including personnel exchanges, focusing on support through overseas scholarships and donations.
  3. Community Contribution
    We will engage in activities such as promotion and clean-up in our local communities, focusing on volunteer activities by our executives and employees.
  4. Global Environment
    In addition to being conscious of the environmental impact of our business activities, we will take the initiative to support comprehensive environmental preservation activities.
  5. Cultural Support
    In addition to cultural contributions through the Marubeni Collection, we will offer extensive support to various cultural activities.
  6. Support for Executive and Employee Volunteer Activities
    We promote awareness and support volunteer activities by our employees, while also providing and expanding the system necessary for the activities, such as the Volunteer Leave System.

Marubeni Foundation Activities

The Marubeni Foundation was established in 1974 as a private foundation by a donation from Marubeni. The following year, it granted a total of 100 million yen to welfare facilities and organizations across Japan, and has since continued to distribute the same amount each year. The accumulated grants as of 2021 total 4.75 billion yen, supporting 2,769 projects. In 2021, the foundation received 846 grant applications from social welfare facilities and organizations, out of which 64 projects were chosen for funding.
Funding for the grants includes investment income from the funds donated by Marubeni, and contributions from the 100 Yen Club, in which current and former executives and employees donate in 100-yen increments each month, and a matching contribution is made by Marubeni.

Employee Participation Activities

The Marubeni Foundation has made social contributions for over 40 years since its establishment in 1974. Many Marubeni Group employees have participated in its activities, including the “100 Yen Club” that began in 1995, in which current and former executives and employees make monthly donations starting 100-yen increments. To match the present situation of varying needs of the recipients, a system for sending Marubeni personnel to the recipient to provide human support began in FY2017. Interviews are conducted on both the recipient and the employee to grasp their needs. Approximately 20 employees provide administrative and on-site support activities. We will continue to expand Marubeni Foundation’s activities together with Marubeni Group employees.

Overseas Scholarship Funds

For youth education and development in emerging countries, Marubeni has set up scholarship programs in seven countries, mainly in the ASEAN region and Brazil. Marubeni’s scholarship fund began in the Philippines in 1989.

By tailoring the activities to each country’s educational situation, we give support each year in response to the local request, such as scholarships for elementary to university students, and materials including PCs and stationery supplies.

Country Established Schools for Scholarship Scholarship Detail
Philippines 1989 Technical/agricultural vocational schools, elementary schools Donation of PCs and related equipment
Indonesia 1999 Universities in Indonesia Scholarships for high-achieving students
Cambodia 2007 Universities in Cambodia Scholarships for high-achieving students
Laos 2007 Ethnic boarding schools Donation of textbooks, uniforms, stationery, boarding supplies
Myanmar 2012 University under the Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarships for students of low-income families
India 2016 Universities in India Scholarships for high-achieving students
Brazil 2006 Vocational schools in Brazil Subsidization of educational material costs and school fees, provision of scholarships for academic research costs

Activities in Various Countries

Social Contribution Activities with Qatar University

December 2019 Presentation Ceremony for Programs to Receive Grants

After opening the Doha Branch in 1980, and investing in the LNG project in 1985, followed by investments in the power generation project and construction/operation of the sewage‐treatment plant, Marubeni has been conducting wide-ranged businesses in Qatar. Furthermore, to contribute not only in business, but also in Qatar’s society through culture and education, Marubeni signed a memorandum with Qatar University on making donations, in April 2012. With this fund, Marubeni carries out projects in collaboration with Qatar University to contribute to the country’s society.
In the education area, a “class demonstration” system, which is a Japanese-style system for training educators, has been implemented in arithmetic . Furthermore, we are conducting demonstration tests on vegetable factories meant to improve the vegetable self-sufficiency ratio and as well as on electric vehicles with the aim of contributing a sustainable society.
Cultural activities include internships at Marubeni Head Office by Qatar University students, as well as encouraging the joining of summer seminars held by Japanese universities. Marubeni will continue these efforts to contribute to the society of Qatar.

Support for Research on Infectious Diseases in the Republic of Ghana

On May 18, 2018 T.E.N. Ghana MV 25 B.V. (MV25), in which Marubeni holds a 25% stake, made a donation of USD 250,000 to Tokyo Medical and Dental University to support the research on infectious diseases at the University of Ghana affiliated Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) . The donated money will be used for research on dengue fever, Chikungunya, prevention of diarrheal diseases like those caused by rotavirus, as well as for research on applications like antiparasitic compounds derived from medicinal plants.

MV25 provides charter services (leasing, operation and maintenance) for one FPSO (Floating Production, Storage & Offloading) system to Tullow Ghana Limited, the operator of the T.E.N (Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme) oil fields in the Deepwater Tano region located about 60 km offshore from the western coast of the Republic of Ghana. This FPSO is named the “FPSO Prof. John Evans Atta Mills” after the former President, and is anchored at a depth of 1,500 m. It has been producing crude oil and natural gas since 2016. In addition to contributing to industrial development in the country through projects like this, MV25 looks for ways to strengthen the friendly relationship between Japan and Ghana, and make social contributions that will be useful for the development of the nation, resulting in this grant for medical research.

Ghana is where Dr. Hideyo Noguchi died from yellow fever while conducting research on that same disease. Since the establishment in 1979, NMIMR, named in honor of Dr. Noguchi, has conducted technical collaboration mainly on basic research and has filled an important role as base of interaction for medical research between Japan and West Africa. Through MV25, Marubeni provides a grant for research at this base, forming a bridge between the medical research in both countries, further strengthening the bonds between Japan and the Republic of Ghana and contributing to the advancement of medical research.

Marubeni Corporation 25.0%
MODEC, Inc. 25.0%
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 30.0%
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. 20.0%
Contributions to Local Communities by Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

Marubeni’s subsidiary company Maynilad Water Services, Inc. ("Maynilad"), a water and wastewater company in the Philippines, is actively contributing to the development of local communities through community investment.
In FY2022 Maynilad donated a total of approximately 134 million pesos towards several initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on human rights issues in local communities, such as providing employment opportunities for residents of neighboring communities, infrastructure to provide drinking water for people living in poor areas, food and water for typhoon victims, and white coats for medical workers in order to improve public health.
We will continue to contribute proactively to society and the environment in the Philippines.

Providing Highly Nutritious Foods To Developing Countries

In developing countries, hunger and undernourishment due to poverty and other factors have become social problems. To address these social issues, Marubeni is providing highly nutritious foods to children in developing countries, through their participation in “TABLE FOR TWO” and “Onigiri Action”, which aims to eliminate the food imbalance between developing countries and developed countries.



TFT is a social contribution program that began in Japan as a way to simultaneously alleviate famine in developing countries as well as obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed countries. When employees purchase an eligible healthy dish, 20 yen, which is the cost of a meal in developing countries, is donated toward funding school meals. At Marubeni, the company matches the employee donations, so that purchase of each meal can provide school meals for two.

TABLE FOR TWO International (TF)

Onigiri Action

Onigiri Action

Onigiri Action is a campaign that uses onigiri, a typical Japanese food, as a symbol, and Supporting Companies will donate the equivalent of 5 school lunches (100 yen) for every photo of an onigiri that is posted on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) or to the special campaign website. This is an initiative to provide school lunches to children in Africa and Asia through the non-profit organization, TABLE FOR TWO International. As a Supporting Partner (Supporting Company), Marubeni is promoting this cause through its company cafeteria and also making donations.

〈Results and Goals〉

Results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 Goals for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022
TABLE FOR TWO 2,658 Meals*1 3% Increase from fiscal year ending March 31, 2020*2

1 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the relocation of our corporate headquarters, there were 2,658 meals for this year. (For fiscal year ending March 31st, 2020, there were 10,722 meals.)

2 This goal will be flexibly re-set as appropriate, based on various circumstances such as COVID-19 etc.

Marubeni’s Efforts to Support Reconstruction After the Great East Japan Earthquake

Special Sponsor of the “Iwaki Sunshine Marathon”
Iwaki Sunshine Marathon

Marubeni supports Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture not only as a valued business partner, but also in its recovery efforts. The company has been a special sponsor of the city’s “Iwaki Sunshine Marathon” since the 6th time the event was held.
At the 9th Iwaki Sunshine Marathon, held in 2018, a total of 54 Marubeni Group employees participated in the event – 31 as volunteers, and 23 as runners. Volunteers are responsible for manning the water stations at the 35km turnaround point in the course, and also for enthusiastically cheering on the runners. Although the 10th and 11th Iwaki Sunshine Marathon events were cancelled due to bad weather and COVID-19 respectively, Marubeni continues to be a sponsor of the event.
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Marubeni Group has proactively participated in and conducted its own relief and aid activities, including continued efforts to deploy volunteers to Shichigahama in Miyagi Prefecture, and contributing to regional recovery in affected areas of Fukushima Prefecture.

Sponsor of the Event for Reconstruction of Fukushima
Sponsor of the Event for Reconstruction of Fukushima

Organizations in Tokyo, mostly made up of Fuyo Group companies, get together for the “Event for Reconstruction of Fukushima”, an event held each year at the beginning of March, in remembrance of 3/11, with the support of the Reconstruction Agency, Tokyo and Fukushima Prefecture. The purpose of the event is to highlight the current progress made towards reconstruction since the disaster of 3/11. Marubeni has participated as a sponsor since 2016.
At the event, the governor of Fukishima gives a progress report on the current reconstruction situation, all kinds of artists from Fukushima set up booths, there is a PR corner featuring specialty goods, products and items from all around the prefecture and much more. The entire venue is all about supporting reconstruction efforts together as one. Marubeni both collaborates with businesses that support the repair of regional industry and regional reconstruction in areas that have been affected by natural disasters, and supports the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture from Tokyo.

Sponsor of the New East Japan Reconstruction Business Contest
New East Japan Reconstruction Business Contest

The New East Japan Public and Private Partnership Promotion Council, established by the Reconstruction Agency with the goal of planning and cultivating environments suitable to the creation of regional industries in areas affected by natural disasters, has held the New East Japan Reconstruction Business Contest since 2014. Marubeni has been a sponsor company of the event since the very first time it was held.
From the nearly 100 organizations that submit businesses to the contest, grand prizes, excellence prizes, corporate prizes and various other prizes are awarded; Marubeni even awards its very own, “Marubeni Prize”. Every year, the Marubeni Prize goes to a business that uses locally sourced food, and in addition to receiving the prize, the winning business is also given the opportunity to display their products for sale at the “Event for Reconstruction of Fukushima” held in Tokyo each year at the beginning of March.

Use of Shichigahama Rice and Wakame in the Company Cafeteria, the Specialty Product of the Miyagi Prefecture Town

Since June of 2011, the Marubeni Group has dispatched a total of 790 volunteers to Shichigahama in Miyagi Prefecture where they help with removing debris from people’s houses, beaches and farmland. This volunteer activity leaves exceptionally powerful memories with the Marubeni Group employees who participate.
At the cafeteria within Marubeni’s Tokyo headquarters, Marubeni employees are able to “show their support through food” by eating the seasonal meals prepared using rice that has been raised in water that incorporates “uragusumi”, a specialty sake of Shichigahama. In addition to this rice, in years that yield good fishing, the cafeteria also offers raw “wakafu”.
From time to time, volunteers who have participated in reconstruction activities in the town in the past return to help with farm work and network with other volunteers and locals.

Support on Social Skill Training

Since 2007, Marubeni has been supporting Social Skill Training (SST), a program hosted by the Aftercare Division of the social welfare corporation Osaka Child Welfare Services Association. The SST is a training course which aims to provide children living in foster care with the knowledge needed to be independent members of society after they graduate ; the program anticipates the problems that the children will need to face when they begin living on their own. The program is supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and targets third year junior high to third year senior high school students living in orphanages. Through specific themes the youths face in everyday life, such as keeping a personal grooming, table manners, the law, and warnings against scams, they aim to acquire social skills.

In July 2019, Marubeni Osaka Branch invited junior and senior high school students from orphanages in Osaka. Marubeni employees gave them a presentation about the social role of Marubeni as a general trading company, along with tips on being prepared to become a working professional.

Osaka Child Welfare Services Association

Hosting Company Visits

Marubeni hosts company visits by junior high and high school students, with a program introducing the sogo shosha business model and our company's approach to the serious issues that are affecting the global environment and society, an office tour and so on. In FY2023 Marubeni hosted 17 visits by students from junior high schools and high schools across Japan.

Volunteer Activities by Employees

Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Gathering

In August 2019, about 80 people consisting of Marubeni Group employees, their families and friends helped to pick blueberries at a farm run by NPO Bunka Gakushu Kyodo Network, which receives grants from the Marubeni Foundation. The NPO conducts a job training program to help youths who have experienced periods of withdrawal to return to interacting in society by making and selling bread.
In addition to blueberries, the farm produces bread ingredients such as wheat and sweet potatoes. The gathered blueberries will be used to make bread and jam, and sold at the NPO’s bakery.

NPO Bunka Gakushu Kyodo Network

Everybody Cut Material

Everybody Cut Material

“Minnade Nuno Chokkin (Everybody Cut Material)” is a program organized by the NPO Caring for Young Refugees (CYR). Supporters cut out material according to patterns for stuffed toys, and Marubeni adds a monetary donation and sends the materials to Cambodia. Instead of sending finished products, this supports local manufacturing and provides impoverished women an opportunity to earn cash income. The program also aims to develop teachers by showing them ways to play with the produced toys.

Caring for Young Refugees (CYR)

Donation of Spoiled Postcards, Used Stamps, and Clothing

The Marubeni Group collects spoiled (mistakenly-written) postage-paid postcards, used stamps, and unwanted clothing from employees, and donates them to organizations that support developing nations and areas struck by disasters.

CARE International Japan

Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)

Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC)

Mt. Fuji Clean-up Activities

Mt. Fuji Clean-up Activities

Since 2009, Marubeni has been conducting annual clean-up activities at the foot of Mt. Fuji together with the non-profit organization Fujisan Club, among other organization.
In September 2019, approximately 80 members consisting of Marubeni Group employees, their families and friends, as well as foreign students took part in a clean-up at the prefectural forest near Lake Yamanaka at the foot of Mt. Fuji together with the Yamanashi Industrial Waste Association.
In addition to environmental conservation, the program also aims for international exchange. Marubeni invites foreign students to participate through the Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network.

Fujisan Club

Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network

Okutama Forest Preservation Activities

Okutama Forest Preservation Activities

Since 2006, Marubeni has conducted the annual forest thinning at the Kaminariki Forest Conservation Area in Ome City, Tokyo Prefecture. The activity is a part of the “Tokyo Greenship Action” in which Tokyoites, corporations, government, and NPOs collaborate to conserve the precious woodlands, village forests, and thickets remaining in Tokyo Prefecture.
In October 2019, approximately 60 members consisting of Marubeni Group employees, their families, and friends took part in the creation of a service road, as well as weeding and cutting on the slope of a mountain in the area.

About Tree Thinning
As Japanese cedar and hinoki cypress which were originally planted for timber have become overgrown without regular care, sunlight does not reach the forest floor and the undergrowth withers. Thinning is conducted to prevent landslides in such mountain forests.

Tokyo Greenship Action (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment)

Adopt-a-Forest “Marubeni’s Forest”

Adopt-a-Forest “Marubeni’s Forest”

In October 2019, at Kounoyama, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture, about 50 members consisting of Marubeni Group executives, employees, and their families thinned bamboo and planted trees under the guidance of NPO Kounoyama Conservation Club members.
Since 2006, Marubeni Osaka Branch has cooperated with the Osaka Prefecture’s Adopt-a-Forest, an afforestation and forest development activity. Marubeni has continued its forest development activities thereafter, such as signing a “Marubeni’s Forest” manifesto together with Osaka Prefecture, Kishiwada City, and Kounoyama Conservation Club in December 2011. In December 2017, Marubeni was awarded with a letter of appreciation from Osaka Prefecture, as one of the companies making a long-term commitment to the activity.

Adopt-a-Forest (Osaka Prefecture)

Kounoyama Conservation Club

Participation in the Kanda Matsuri Festival

Participation in the Kanda Matsuri Festival

Every May, Marubeni volunteers assemble to carry the mikoshi shrines for the Tokyo Kanda Matsuri in an effort to contribute to the local community and support the continuation of traditional culture. Volunteers from the offices in the Otemachi and Marunouchi area gather each year, and in May 2019, about 300 employees, their families and friends from the Marubeni Group took part.

Participation in the Chiyoda Volunteer Club

Participation in the Chiyoda Volunteer Club

The Tokyo Head Office is a member of the Chiyoda Volunteer Club, an organization run by the Chiyoda Ward Council of Social Welfare. Every time an employee participates in an activity through the Chiyoda Volunteer Center, Marubeni gives a matching donation of 1,000 yen per hour for the volunteer’s activity. Past activities include cleaning of photographs recovered from the disaster areas in the Tohoku region, and holding chorus club concerts at facilities for the elderly in Chiyoda Ward.

Chiyoda Volunteer Club