Medium-Term Management Strategy

Revision of Medium-Term Management Strategy (May, 2020)

Revision of Medium-Term Management Strategy (May, 2020)[383KB]

Disclaimer Regarding Forward Looking Statements
This material contains forward‐looking statements about the future performance, events or management plans of Marubeni Corporation and its Group companies (the Company) based on the available information, certain assumptions and expectations at the point of disclosure, of which many are beyond the Company’s control. These are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and factors, including, but not limited to, economic and financial conditions, factors that may affect the level of demand and financial performance of the major industries and customers we serve, interest rates and currency fluctuations, availability and cost of funding, fluctuations in commodity and materials prices, political turmoil in certain countries and regions, litigation claims, changes in laws, regulations and tax rules, and other factors. Actual results, performances and achievements may differ materially from those described explicitly or implicitly in the relevant forward‐looking statements.
The Company has no responsibility for any possible damages arising from the use of information on this material, nor does the Company have any obligation to update these statements, information, future events or otherwise.
This material is an English language translation of the materials originally written in Japanese. In case of discrepancies, the Japanese version is authoritative and universally valid.

Medium-Term Management Strategy (May, 2019)

Medium-Term Management Strategy GC2021[1.5MB]

This material contains forward-looking statements (including figures) concerning corporate strategies, objectives, and forecasts of Marubeni Corp. and its group companies, based on current assumptions made by the management with available information. The following factors, without limitation, may therefore cause actual results to differ materially from those presented: Changes in general industry and market conditions, changes in the competitive environment, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, the outcome of pending and future litigation, and political turmoil in certain countries and regions.

Medium-Term Management Strategy GC2021[1.5MB]