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Major Products and Areas

Major Products and Areas

  • Consumer-use food products, commercial-use food materials, dairy products and agricultural resources
  • Raw ingredients for food (flour, sugar, oils and fats, etc.)
  • Raw materials for beverages (coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.)
  • Agricultural resources, Marine products, and processed seafood

Our Strengths

Strong domestic distribution network and expansion to growing overseas markets

In addition to collaborating with various food distribution companies on primarily supermarket and food wholesaling businesses, we are also making progress on constructing food businesses overseas, using the knowledge and experience we have gained in domestic food distribution.
Also, through the reliable, safe and stable value chain that we have created for processed food makers both domestic and abroad, we conduct sales for all kinds of food materials and also invest in processed food-related businesses around the globe, all the while responding meticulously to the individual needs of each company.
Overseas, we are pursuing demand in growth markets through initiatives such as management of Acecook Vietnam.

  • United Super Markets Holdings Inc.
    United Super Markets Holdings Inc.
  • Acecook Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam)
    Acecook Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam)

With 1/3 of the import and sales share in the industry, Marubeni runs an optimized supply chain for the coffee trade

Marubeni has about a 30% import share of the entire coffee bean industry. For instant coffee, Marubeni has established a sales system not only for Japan but also global markets including Europe, the U.S. and Asia, with Marubeni's subsidiary Iguaçu de Café Solúvel (Brazil), one of the largest manufacturer/dealers of instant coffee materials in the world, as the production base.
Furthermore, in May of 2019, we established Iguacu Vietnam Co. (Marubeni wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam) which is scheduled to commence production and sales in 2022. We plan to utilize Iguacu’s production technology, knowledge and experience, as well as its sales network, and with Marubeni taking the lead on business management, we will expand this business in the growing instant coffee market, with a focus on the ASEAN region and China.
With both companies slated to produce 40,000 tons of instant coffee annually, Marubeni is moving to be the largest manufacturer and seller of instant coffee in the global market.

  • Cia. Iguacu de Cafe Soluvel (Brazil)
  • Instant coffee
    Instant coffee
  • An image rendering of the completed Iguacu Vietnam Co. factory
    An image rendering of the completed Iguacu Vietnam Co. factory

Marubeni’s marine products business leverages its procurement capability in marine products and marine processed goods to meet the needs of consumers in the diverse Japanese and U.S. markets

Marubeni procures marine products and marine processed goods, like North American and Russian wild salmon; Chilean and Norwegian farmed salmon; and farmed prawns from Asia, Central and South America, from production and processing sites around the world in order to meet to the diverse needs of consumers, and sells the products in Japan and the U.S., the two major consumer markets, through the industry's top-class sales companies. Marubeni has a strong presence in the industry: in Japan the company maintains a full line of a wide range of marine products, and has established a development, refrigeration, storage, distribution, and processing system. In the U.S., Marubeni has the third largest share in the wholesale shrimp market at approximately 6%.
Furthermore, we are also proactively promoting businesses in line with the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). In April of 2020, Marubeni, together with Nippon Suisan Kaisha (“Nissui”), took a 66.7% stake in Danish Salmon A/S in Denmark, entering the sustainable, closed circulation aquaculture salmon business in Europe. Through this investment, Marubeni will be able to respond not just to the growing global demand for marine products, but will also be able to contribute to solving problems by providing a stable, environmentally-conscious supply of salmon to consumers.

  • Shrimp products from Eastern Fish Company (U.S.)
    Shrimp products from Eastern Fish Company (U.S.)
  • Aquaculture produced Atlantic Salmon from Danish Salmon
    Aquaculture produced Atlantic Salmon from Danish Salmon
  • Fishery resources & products
    Fishery resources & products