Our Way to SustainabilityEngagement with Stakeholders

The Marubeni Group conducts business with the support of various stakeholders throughout the world. Marubeni recognizes the importance of diligently listening to the opinions of stakeholders, and working together to move forward, based on an understanding of stakeholder interests and concerns, as well as the impact of the Company activities on society and the environment.

Stake holders Approach Engagement methods
Customers & Business Partners Aiming to be a company that enjoys the trust and confidence of customers and business partners, we strive to develop and offer products and services that are useful to society as well as safe. Furthermore, we constantly strive to improve satisfaction and earn trust by responding sincerely to feedback from our customers and business partners.
  • Integrated reports, official website
  • Responding sincerely based on the Marubeni Corporate Principles and Basic Supply Chain Sustainability Policy
  • Website inquiry and contact page
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Survey
Shareholders & Investors Marubeni is dedicated to meeting shareholders’ expectations. We strive thus to enhance our corporate value by responding to changes in the business environment and maintaining stable profitability. In addition, we work to boost corporate value from social and environmental perspectives, and also disclose pertinent information in a fair and timely manner.
  • Integrated reports, official website and Shareholders' Reports
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Briefings for retail investors
  • IR activities
  • Response to ESG investment Index survey organization
Local Community We aim to become a valued member of the local communities where we do business, and to contribute to the creation of robust local districts through improvement of living standards, creation of job opportunities for the local community, including youths, and offering employment with diversity and inclusion, being aware of gender and disabilities.
Overseas, we respect local laws, cultures and customs, and strive to operate our businesses in a way that contributes to local development. Furthermore, we are firmly opposed to antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of society.
  • Social welfare funding by the Marubeni Foundation
  • Support through scholarships and donations overseas
  • Association with NGOs and NPOs
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Activities implemented through business and industry groups *
  • Receiving company tours
  • Cultural contributions through the Marubeni Collection
Employees We respect the individual values and life goals of each and every employee. We also work hard to eliminate all forms of discrimination and foster an atmosphere that is pleasant for all.
  • Employee Awareness surveys
  • Compliance Access Point (Marubeni Hotline (formerly, “Door of Courage”))
  • Marubeni Group magazine, company intranet
  • Dialogue between management and employees
  • Discussions with the Marubeni Employee Union
  • Trainings

The total amount of our political contribution is as follows.
Organization to donate: The People's Political Association
Political contribution: FY2014: 15 million yen / FY2015: 17 million yen / FY2016: 17 million yen / FY2017: 20 million yen / FY2018: 20 million yen / FY2019: 20 million yen.
(The donation in each year is only to The People's Political Association)
We confirm that these donations are not in violation of our anti-corruption provision, "Prohibition on Bribes and Matters relating to the Exchange of Presents and Client Entertainment", stipulated in our Compliance Manual.

Marubeni Sustainability Information Session | March 2019