The Marubeni Group
by Numbers

Overview of the Marubeni Group

Some of these numbers are specific to Marubeni Corporation and do not necessarily reflect figures for the entire Marubeni Group.

Number of Bases


Including Japan, as of April 1, 2022

Number of
Consolidated Companies


As of March 31, 2022

Number of
Group Employees


As of March 31, 2022

Company Employees Positioned Overseas


As of March 31, 2021

The Marubeni Group's Business

  • Food Division-I

    Volume of Raw Coffee Beans Traded

    30% of Raw Coffee Consumed in Japan

    Marubeni handles approximately 30% of raw coffee beans consumed in Japan.

    As of October 2021

  • Agri Business Division

    Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC

    Nationwide Network in the United States.
    Approx. 500 locations

    Helena is the No. 2 agri-input retailer in the United States, which is one of the largest crop producing countries in the world.

    As of September 2021

  • Forest Products Division

    Afforestation Business Sites

    Approx. 130,000

    2 projects in 2 countries managing plots of afforestation-possible land roughly equivalent to 60% of the area of Tokyo.

    Leading site area among Japanese companies
    *As of October 2021

  • Chemicals Division

    Global Olefin Trading Market

    Approx. 30% share

    Using specialized tankers, Marubeni has secured approximately 30% of the global olefin trading market.

    As of March 2021

  • Metals & Mineral Resources Division

    Copper Equity Volume


    Conducting copper mining business in Chile. Equity volume is one of the largest in Japan.

    As of March 2021

  • Power Division

    Power generation capacity (net)


    As a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP), Marubeni has world class net power generation capacity.

    The total sum of Japan and overseas

    As of March 2022

  • Infrastructure Project Division

    People Served by Marubeni's Water Business

    Approx. 14.3
    million people

    Marubeni is conducting diversified water projects mainly in Central & South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

    The target population of a total of 4 concession services this company owns in Europe, South America and Asia.

    As of March 2021

  • Aerospace & Ship Division

    Number of LNG Vessels Owned

    16 LNG vessels

    Marubeni is currently in possession of 16 out of all operational LNG vessels around the world. The total number of LNG vessels in existence globally is 588 (as of October 2021; this number excludes small model vessels and FSRU).

    As of October 2021

  • Finance, Leasing & Real Estate Business Division

    Number of Aircrafts
    Owned & Managed

    259 aircrafts

    Marubeni commenced investment in Aircastle Limited in 2013, and we are now leasing aircraft to 84 airlines in 46 countries worldwide through this company.

    As of May 2021

  • Finance, Leasing & Real Estate Business Division

    Provision of Housing in China

    Approx. 14,500units

    Marubeni was one of the first Japanese companies to enter into the Chinese real estate market and has been engaged in such business operations as the development of housing for Chinese homebuyers and complex facilities since 1985.

    As of September 2021