Acquisition of the Conveyor Belt Solutions Provider Alternative Group in Canada

Mar. 04, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni, through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Canada, Viacore Solutions Inc. (hereinafter, “Viacore”), has completed the acquisition of all shares of Alternative Belting Enterprises Ltd. and Alternative Belting (Van Island) Enterprises Ltd. (hereinafter, “Alternative Group”). This acquisition is set in British Columbia, Canada, where the Alternative Group operates in the same conveyor belt distribution business* as Viacore. This move signifies Marubeni’s expansion in the Canadian conveyor belt distribution and maintenance services sector.

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Through this acquisition, Viacore strengthens its operational foundation in Western Canada and secures a wide range of locations from the West to the East Coast of Canada. The Viacore Group, together with Viacore Solutions, LLC based in the United States, has expanded its market share through acquisitions of competitors in North America, becoming one of the top operators in the region for this business. This acquisition further enhances the Viacore Group’s purchasing and sales strength, contributing to the stable operation of conveyor belt systems supporting various industries like mining and forestry.

Marubeni will continue to enhance its competitive edge and strengthen its business foundation in the North American region through the Viacore Group, aiming for further market share expansion. Additionally, Marubeni seeks to extend its operations beyond North America to other regions.

The business encompasses not only the sale of rubber and plastic conveyor belts but also offers a one-stop solution for the sale of conveyor belt system-related parts, including their installation and maintenance.

Viacore Overview:

Name: Viacore Solutions Inc.
Head Office: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Establishment: 1969
Representative: CEO Janice Stasiuk
Main Business: Sales of conveyor belts, conveyor components, and related services
Employees: 556
Number of Locations: 24
Website: https://viacore.com/

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