Participation in “Business d app,” a Comprehensive Portal App for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Operated by NTT Communications

May 14, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni has concluded an agreement with Wizleap Inc. (hereinafter, “Wizleap”), which operates the financial consultation platform “Money Career,” and NTT Communications Corporation, which operates the comprehensive portal app “Business d app” that provides services for small and medium-sized companies . “Money Career” participates in an “Expert Consulting Service” on “Business d app” as a financial expert and provides expert matching services for people with financial concerns.

In Japan, the decrease in the working population has led to a serious shortage of human capital, becoming a critical issue for small and medium-sized companies aiming for business expansion. For these companies, it has become urgent to improve productivity by enhancing work efficiency and to focus on employee training and retention. “Business d app” provides various services, including problem solving support services for these companies and special services such as offering coupons for employees working at such companies. Among these services, the “Expert Consulting Service” offers employees of such companies the opportunity to consult with experts, such as lawyers, about daily life or business-related concerns, as well as a free first visit. It also provides columns that offer tips for resolving these concerns.

In December 2023, Marubeni formed a capital alliance with Wizleap to expand its personal financial consulting services business. Going forward, Marubeni and Wizleap will enhance the value of the services through online consulting matching services with approximately 3,000 financial planners affiliated with Wizleap as part of the “Expert Consultation Service,” and the provision of information content related to human resources, labor, taxation, and legal matters. By doing so, Marubeni and Wizleap aim to support the improvement of operational productivity and employee satisfaction for users of the “Business d app,” thereby contributing to the sustainable business expansion of small and medium-sized companies.


“Business d app” introduction

Company Overview:

Company Name: Wizleap Inc.
Location: 19F Sumitomofudosan Harajuku Bldg, 2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: February 10, 2017
Representative: Shohei Tanikawa (President)
Number of Employees: 39 (As of Feburary 2024)
Main Business: Web service business, insurance agency business, media business, platform development business
Websites: Company Website: https://wizleap.co.jp/
Websites of its Services:
Financial consulting service “Money Career”: https://money-career.com/
Pet insurance comparison and consulting service “MOFFME”: https://moffme.com/
Software development services for financial institutions  “MC Market Cloud”: https://marketcloud.money-career.com/

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