Investment in Singaporean Vertex Master Fund III:
Expanding Start-up Investments to Create Next Generation Businesses

Jul. 12, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) is pleased to announce that it will invest in Vertex Master Fund (SG) III LP (hereinafter, “VMF3”), a Fund of Funds* managed by Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd (hereinafter, “Vertex Holdings”). Vertex Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd. (hereinafter, “Temasek”), a global investment company headquartered in Singapore, with VMF3 being the third round of this fund following Vertex Master Fund II (“VMF2”), which Marubeni also invested in 2019. 

VMF3 will be used for making investments in Vertex’s proprietary global network of venture capital funds based in Southeast Asia, China, India, the United States, and Israel, mainly focused on leading, disruptively transformational startups in the information technology and healthcare sectors. VMF3 will also target the consumer sector, a key focus area for Marubeni as a next generation business. 

Marubeni established the Next Generation Business Development Division in FY2022 to cater to and capture the growth in consumer numbers in Southeast Asia—a market with high growth potential—and in the United States, a site for the emergence of new business trends. Marubeni Ventures Inc., a Marubeni Group subsidiary which operates under the Next Generation Business Development Division, is a corporate venture capital firm which invests in innovative start-ups globally, and which will continue to strengthen its partnership with Vertex Holdings to actively engage with and secure growing businesses. Marubeni aims to create next generation businesses by leveraging its collective strengths and insights in the domain of innovative technologies which it has acquired through start-up investments.

*A fund structure in which a master fund invests in multiple other funds.

VMF3 Overview
Fund Name: Vertex Master Fund (SG) Ⅲ LP
Established: January, 2021
Total Fund Amount: Approx. 1.057 billion USD
General Partner: Vertex Master Fund Ⅲ (GP) Pte. Ltd.

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