Marubeni to Acquire Stake in Norway-based Klaveness Dry Bulk AS to Participate in Digitally Driven Dry Bulk Operations

Jun. 30, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) is pleased to announce that it has agreed with Torvald Klaveness Group (hereinafter, “Klaveness”), a major Norwegian shipping company, to acquire a stake in Klaveness Dry Bulk AS (hereinafter, “Klaveness Drybulk”), Klaveness' core Panamax-type bulk carrier operating business. Marubeni will execute the investment subject to regulatory clearances to participate in Klaveness' ship operation business and promote the utilization of digital technology in the shipping industry (hereinafter, the “Project”). 

Signing Ceremony Signing Ceremony

Marubeni and Klaveness have been operating vessels entrusted by shipping companies and ship-owning investors worldwide, through Maruklav Management Inc. a company jointly established in April 2020 to operate a Panamax-type bulk carrier pool business. By integrating both companies' pool management experience and cargo transportation know-how, Marubeni and Klaveness have achieved efficient vessel operations and provided stable, high-quality shipping services.

In recent years, global maritime transportation demand has been steadily expanding amid worldwide population increases and the economic development of emerging countries. Furthermore, turmoil in seaborne logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic and shifts in trade patterns with their origin in geopolitical changes have highlighted the need for more resilient maritime transportation through sophisticated and advanced ship operations using digital technology. 

By investing in Klaveness Dry Bulk, in addition to its existing pool business, Marubeni plans to leverage its global network of shipping stakeholders—including both shipping companies and investors—and its in-house cargo demand in the ship operation business. Additionally, through this project, Marubeni will promote efficiency in maritime transportation by utilizing digital technology, such as market predictions using machine learning, selection of optimal routes, and efficient vessel procurement facilitated by satellite and other relevant data sets. The Project scope will take in the digital services business developed based on Klaveness' know-how as a shipping company.

Through these efforts, Marubeni aims to contribute to the stable transportation and supply of food and other resources throughout the world, as well as to improve the operational efficiency of ships in the industry, thereby contributing to the decarbonization of maritime supply chains.

Overview of Klaveness
Company name:  Torvald Klaveness Group
Location:  Drammensveien 260, Oslo, N-0283, Norway
Established: 1946
Representative: Mr. Ernst Meyer
Business description: Shipping
Website: https://www.klaveness.com/

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