Marubeni Selected for the 2023 Health & Productivity Stock Selection and Certified as a “White 500” Company for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Mar. 09, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has been selected as a brand for the 2023 Health & Productivity Stock Selection, jointly organized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).


This selection is for outstanding listed enterprises on TSE engaging in health and productivity management*1, in which enterprises focus on and strategically carry out efforts with regard to their employees’ and other workers’ health from a management perspective. 49 enterprises in 31 industries have been selected as brands for the 2023 Health & Productivity Stock Selection with Marubeni chosen as one of 3 companies to represent the wholesale trade category. This is the second time Marubeni has been selected since 2015, and it is also the sixth consecutive year the company has been certified as a “White 500” company.

Marubeni is continually implementing and expanding health-related initiatives, focusing on four main themes for its health and productivity management policies: improving health literacy, strengthening countermeasures against cancer and lifestyle-related diseases, strengthening mental health measures, and strengthening initiatives for maintaining and promoting women’s health.

Employees are a vital asset for Marubeni, and their health is of paramount importance. Therefore, Marubeni is working to create an environment where each employee can autonomously and proactively take steps to maintain and promote their health. Marubeni will work on promoting health and productivity management as well as deepening human capital management into the future to support employees’ success, with these efforts actively used to facilitate growth of the Marubeni Group.

Examples of Initiatives:
・Strengthening countermeasures against cancer and lifestyle-related diseases: The promotion of early discovery and treatment of disease by providing subsidies for comprehensive medical checkups for employees aged 35 and over, brain checkups for employees who reach specific ages, etc.
・Strengthening initiatives for maintaining and promoting women’s health: Contribute to “creating an environment to ensure women can continue thriving at work,” which is one of the basic philosophies of the Female Empowerment at Work 2.0 policy*2, by introducing the “Marubeni Femtech Program*3.”

*1 “Kenkokeiei” (Health and Productivity Management)   is a registered trademark of the NPO Kenkokeiei Kenkyukai (“Society for the Management of Company and Employee Health”).
*2 Related News Release:https://www.marubeni.com/en/news/2022/release/00057.html
*3 A digital healthcare service which supports working women with concerns caused by menstrual cycles, including PMS, as well as menopausal symptoms through online consultation and prescription of low dose oral contraceptives and herbal medicine as needed. The service also helps promote mutual understanding among colleagues through online seminars about women’s health issues in which employees of all genders are invited to participate.

METI News Release (in Japanese):https://www.meti.go.jp/press/2022/03/20230308003/20230308003.html