Marubeni Takes Action: Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Screenings in Indonesia

Sep. 14, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) is on a mission to make a significant impact on breast cancer awareness and screening in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter, “Indonesia”). Through its strategic partnership with PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk (hereinafter, “Siloam Hospitals”), the largest private hospital group in the country, Marubeni has been working to elevate the importance of breast cancer screening. This endeavor is crucial in Indonesia, where breast cancer statistics reveal a pressing need for early detection and intervention.



In 2020, breast cancer accounted for a staggering 16.6% of total cancer cases in Indonesia, compared to 8.9% in Japan, while the mortality rate was also at a high of 9.6%, as opposed to 4.1% in Japan.*1 One of the reasons for this high prevalence is low breast cancer screening, which was recorded at a mere 5.2%*2 rate compared to 47.4%*3 in Japan, due to the low awareness of preventive medicine and the financial burden of getting screened. While breast cancer is relatively curable if detected and treated at an early stage, 70% of patients in Indonesia are already at an advantaged stage when they see a doctor for the first time. Therefore, increasing early detection through regular checkups is considered one of the most effective countermeasures to lower the mortality rate.

Under these circumstances, Siloam Hospital started the “Selangkah”*4 program in March 2023 as part of its ESG activities, aiming to reach more than 25,000 women across Indonesia for breast cancer screening. This program provides mammography examinations*5 free of charge or with a partial fee*6 to employees of participating companies, their families, and women living in areas lacking medical infrastructure. This will contribute to early detection of breast cancer and the spread of awareness regarding medical examinations.

Marubeni has been introducing this program to Japanese companies in Indonesia through Siloam Hospitals. To date, many Japanese companies and organizations in Indonesia, including Sinarmas MSIG Life, Mitsubishi Estate Indonesia, Pigeon Indonesia, and Jakarta Japanese School, have joined hands with Marubeni in promoting breast cancer screening as well as assisting in spreading awareness of this program. Marubeni is committed to fostering more partnerships in this cause and hopes that many companies will continue to participate in the program. For companies interested in joining the program, please contact Marubeni’s Healthcare & Medical Department via the number provided below.

Marubeni is expanding its business globally, tackling social issues and promoting next-generation business development that has a positive impact on the world, with healthcare and medical services as one of its focus areas. In July 2023, Marubeni participated in “Alodokter”, one of Indonesia’s largest online medical services, and will contribute to solve health issues faced by people in Indonesia in various aspects.

1 Global Cancer Observatory (2020)

2 Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, PROFIL Penyakit Tidak Menular (2016)

3 National living survey in Japan (2022)

4 “Semangat Lawan Kanker” means “Beat Cancer.” Cancer is one of Siloam’s five focus areas for medication.

5 X-ray examination exclusively for breast glands to detect breast cancer (presence of tumor or calcification) with a small amount of radiation.

6 Siloam Hospitals and participating companies will bear the cost. Women over the age of 40 can undergo breast cancer screening free of charge.

Healthcare & Medical Dept., Marubeni Corporation (Tel: +81-3-3282-7322)
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Siloam International Hospitals Overview:

Company Name: PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk
Head Office: Jakarta, Indonesia
Establishment: 1996
Main Business: Hospital Management Business
Number of hospitals: 41 (as of Sept. 2023)
Website: https://www.siloamhospitals.com/

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