Business Participation in One of Indonesia’s Largest Online Medical Services “Alodokter”

Jul. 05, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has integrated the Maternal and Child Health Handbook App Service “Diary Bunda,” which Marubeni had operated since 2020 into “Alodokter,” one of the largest online healthcare services in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter, “Indonesia”), while also making an investment in Ranelagh Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter, “Ranelagh”), the company providing the Alodokter service.

Alodokter Application Alodokter Application

In Indonesia, it is said that about 30% of the five million babies born annually suffer from underdevelopment, with lack of parental knowledge about childbirth and childcare having become a societal challenge. Diary Bunda is  the first commercialization project originating from Marubeni Group's Business Plan Contest (Bizcon), and is contributing to addressing this societal challenge by providing high-quality medical information and content focused mainly on expectant mothers and maternal care. The app has achieved monthly usership figures of around 100,000, and is one of the top five downloads in the Google Play Store childbirth/pregnancy category in Indonesia.

Alodokter is a platform which has provided access to healthcare services including online diagnosis, hospital appointments, insurance, and sales of medical and pharmaceutical products since 2014. While healthcare needs are expanding with population growth, aging societies, and economic development, Alodokter is contributing to the resolution of social challenges exemplified by a lack of medical infrastructure and regional disparities in access to medical services, and has been highly evaluated for its convenience and reliability. It is one of the largest online healthcare services in Indonesia, with 30 million monthly users and 100,000 affiliated physicians.

Through the integration of Diary Bunda and Alodokter, Marubeni will further develop the Diary Bunda project leveraging the strengths of both services to expedite their growth, thereby catering to a wider range of healthcare needs, both of mothers and their children and of other service users. 

Marubeni also participates in PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk, Indonesia’s largest privately-run hospital group, and will support Indonesia's medical infrastructure both online and offline to contribute to solving the country’s societal challenges.

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RNL overview
Company name: Ranelagh Pte. Ltd.
Head Office: Singapore
Established: 2014
Representative: Nathanael Faibis (CEO)
Main business: Medical-related online content/advertisements, online diagnosis, hospital appointments, insurance and pharmaceutical sales.
Website: https://www.alodokter.com/