Launch of the HondaJet Charter Service

Jul. 21, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), through JAL Business Aviation Corporation (hereinafter, “JAL Business Aviation”), established in January 2019 together with Japan Airlines Corporation (hereinafter, “JAL”), will start a charter service (hereinafter, the “Service”) using HondaJet aircraft mainly within Japan from July 2023. The HondaJet aircraft chartered under the Service will be operated by Japan Biz Aviation*, Inc.

HondaJet is a small business jet aircraft developed and manufactured by Honda Aircraft Company, a U.S. subsidiary of Honda Motor Company. Marubeni Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni, is the aircraft’s dealer. By placing the engine over the main wing, the HondaJet’s cabin space and luggage compartment space are the largest in the industry in the category of “light business jets,” ensuring a quiet and comfortable private space. The Honda Jet has also achieved the highest levels of flight performance and fuel efficiency in its class.


Business jets are widely used around the world as a means of transportation that increases the value of customer time by offering a highly secured private space, travel between cities not served by airlines, and flexible scheduling to suit customers’ schedules. The launch of this service will enable Marubeni to provide more accessible, safer, and comfortable travel to an even greater number of customers for a variety of purposes, including business and private travel as well as travel with pets.

In the Japanese business jet market, where further growth in demand is expected in the future, the Marubeni Group will respond to diversifying customer needs and changing environments, as well as contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy through market expansion.

Licensed as an air carrier and aircraft operator (Tohkusen No. 60) and operates HondaJet private and commercial aircraft.

Contact information for purchasing HondaJet aircraft:

Company Name: Marubeni Aerospace Corporation
Location: 1-1-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Share: Marubeni Corporation (100%)
Representative: CEO Akira Kotaki
Establishment: 1993
E-mail: HondaJet@asp.marubeni.co.jp
Contact Number: 03-5157-7509

Contact information for the charter service:

Company Name: JAL Business Aviation Co.
Location: 1-11-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Share: Japan Airlines Corporation (51%), Marubeni Corporation (49%)
Representative: CEO Noboru Yoshida
Establishment: 2019
E-mail: jalba@jal.com
Contact Number: 03-5460-5869

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