Launch of the “HondaJet Charter Service”

Feb. 24. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

In February 2021, the first charter service for HondaJet Elite (hereinafter, "HondaJet"), whose dealer is Marubeni Aerospace Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Marubeni Aerospace"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, "Marubeni”), has been launched for general customers in Japan (hereinafter "Service”).

Marubeni Aerospace, as the sole dealer of HondaJet in Japan since June 2018, has taken on the role of total support, from sales to aftercare, and not only assists in aircraft purchases by individual owners or corporations, but also suggests co-owership packages. JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter, “JALBA”), a business jet service company that Marubeni establishedin January 2019, has also become an provider of this service. Finally, Marubeni has announced the launch of a HondaJet “flight experience” package, which is available at a more affordable price.

HondaJet is designed by Honda Aircraft Company, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. By placing the engine over the main wing, the HondaJet's cabin space and luggage compartment space are the largest in the industry in the category of “light business jets”, and ensure a quiet and comfortable private space. The Hondajet has achieved the highest level of flight performance and fuel efficiency.

Business jets are widely used around the world for transportation across cities that have no airline services, provide a highly confidencial space, and have flexible schedules that can be tailored to any individual customer’s itinerary.Furthermore, with the coronavirus crisis, and as restrictions have been imposed on the movement of people, business jets are garnering attention as the best mode of transportation for minimizing risk of infection by avoiding human contact. The Service provides customers with safer and more comfortable flights.

With a number of large scale events coming up, opportunities in the domestic business jet industry are projected to increase, Marubeni will contribute to economic reviatalization in Japan by meeting its customers’ every need, flexibly adapting to changes in the environment, and enhancing its services from “ownership” to “usership” in order to expand the business jet market.




<Contact information for purchasing HondaJet>
Company Name : Marubeni Aerospace Co., Ltd.
Location : 1-1-3, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Share : Marubeni 100%
Representative : CEO Gentaro Toya
Establishment : 1993
Email : HondaJet@asp.marubeni.co.jp
Contacty Number : +81-3-5157-7509
<Contact information for charter service>
Company Name : JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd.
Location : 1-11-2, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Share : Japan Airlines(51%), Marubeni(49%)
Representative : CEO Ryusuke Konto
Establishment : 2019
Email : jalba@jal.com
Contacty Number : +81-3-5460-5869

・January 25, 2019
 The Establishment of a Business Jet Service Company(JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd.)

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 Marubeni Launched Delivery of HondaJet in Japan

 ・June 6, 2018
 Marubeni Enters into a Contract with Honda to become a HondaJet Dealer