Indonesia/MMID Received the Special INDI 4.0 AWARD 2021 in the Smart Industrial Estate Category

Dec. 24. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

PT. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development (hereinafter, "MMID"), a development, sales and management company for the MM2100 Industrial Town (hereinafter, "MM2100") in which Marubeni participates in Indonesia, received the Special INDI 4.0 AWARD 2021 in the Smart Industrial Estate category at the INDI 4.0*1 AWARD selections held by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

MMID promotes the improvement of services for tenant companies, introducing a space and energy-saving and odor-less wastewater treatment facility, water supply smart meters, and automatic drainage monitoring equipment. Furthermore, since 2021, MMID has developed and operated a service portal application with the aim of improving the efficiency of service provision for tenant companies. Through this application, MMID has been focusing on the digitization of the management of the industrial park, such as introducing digital invoices that allows users to check monthly bills online for water supply, waste water treatment and management services. Thanks to these achievements, MMID received the award.

Marubeni has been contributing to the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, economic development of countries, as well as vitalization and employment promotion in the areas surrounding industrial parks, through the development, sales, management and operation of industrial parks in Asia for the past 30 years or more. Marubeni will continue to support the efficiency of tenant companies by digitalizing and making smart industrial parks, and further contribute to the development of emerging economies and local communities.

1 Indonesia Industry 4.0*2 Readiness Index. INDI 4.0 was established by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry in 2019 as an indicator to measure companies' efforts to realize Industry 4.0. The award is presented by the ministry to companies, organizations, and individuals that have contributed to the introduction of Industry 4.0.

2 A generic term for efforts to bring about the fourth industrial revolution by utilizing robots, IoT, and digital technology.


<INDI 4.0 AWARD Ceremony >

Third person from the left in the front row: Indonesia Ministry of Industry Minister Agus
Fifth person from the left in the same row: MMID President Director Sudo

<Top screen for MM2100 portal app> info_211223_2

<MM2100 Overview>

Management Company: PT. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development
Location: Bekasi, Republic of Indonesia
Year of establishment: 1990
Area size: 805ha
Number of tenants: 178 (as of November 2021)

Marubeni Industrial Estate Web Site (Only in Japanese): https://marubeni-industrialpark.com/

MM2100 Location Map: