Westlake Receives 2020 Auto Finance Excellence Awards for Operations in an Industry Magazine

Dec. 08. 2020
Marubeni Corporation

In November 2020, Marubeni Group company Westlake Financial Services (hereinafter, “Westlake”), received an award for operational excellence in Auto Finance News Magazine’s Auto Finance Excellence Awards.

The award recognized Westlake’s achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its corporate culture, which focuses on creating opportunities and continuing to take on challenges, even when confronted with difficulty. While many auto lenders were focusing on maintaining smooth operations, Westlake quickly switched approximately 2,300 employees to remote working and enhanced its operations by launching new programs, utilizing new technologies, and expanding partnerships.

During the award ceremony, which was held online, Mr. Ian Anderson, President of Westlake, described the corporate culture of his company as one that continues to take on challenges, even when times are difficult. “The pandemic, while challenging, has provided Westlake an opportunity to review its operations,” he noted.

Despite the pandemic, Westlake continues to grow and set records. Marubeni will continue to support Westlake and share their risk management methods to other finance and leasing businesses.

Mr.Anderson Last year, Mr. Anderson was selected to appear in the “Executive to Watch” feature of the same magazine.