Marubeni Corporation to Distribute Exclusively EnerG2’s Next-Generation Energy Storage Materials throughout Asia

Nov. 25. 2014
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with EnerG2 (www.energ2.com), a Seattle-based company manufacturing advanced carbon materials for next-generation energy storage devices. Under the agreement, Marubeni will have the exclusive rights in Asia – including Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia – to distribute EnerG2’s carbon materials for a variety of energy storage devices and systems.

EnerG2’s engineered carbon materials are used for high-end and high-performance rechargeable lead-acid batteries, electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs or ultracapacitors), and lithium ion batteries. The company’s innovative and proprietary Carbon Technology Platform enables it to design and manufacture customized carbon and silicon-carbon nano-composite materials to solve the most challenging energy storage requirements for high-performance. The United States Department of Energy granted USD $21.3 million for the company’s unique technology.

Marubeni has been marketing EnerG2 products since 2011, and based upon positive feedback from significant lithium-ion, lead-acid battery and EDLC manufacturers, believes that EnerG2 will become an important contributor to Marubeni’s energy storage materials business.  EnerG2 has manufacturing capabilities to serve a wide range of global customers.

Marubeni operates globally in a wide range of business sectors including energy storage materials and this agreement provides Marubeni with a valuable addition to their already-strong product portfolio and availability to meet the market.

About EnerG2
EnerG2 has developed a unique approach that engineers the molecular structure of a polymer precursor in order to customize the nanostructure, and, therefore, the performance of the resulting carbon. EnerG2’s proprietary Carbon Technology Platform has two key components: polymer- chemistry-based precursor formulation and processing parameters that transform that precursor into customized carbon. The combination of these elements results in a flexible, low-cost manufacturing process that can produce carbon materials for diverse energy storage applications. EnerG2 operates its state-of-the art manufacturing plant in Albany, Oregon. The inherent scale advantages of the Carbon Technology Platform allow EnerG2 to produce best-in-class carbons. The facility is both ISO-9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) certified. Further information on EnerG2 is available at