Listing of Anhui Guozhen Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Aug. 01. 2014
Marubeni Corporation

Chinese general sewage treatment company Anhui Guozhen Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Anhui Guozhen Environmental; 30% investment by Marubeni Group) has listed its shares on ChiNext of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (market for start-up companies) on August 1, through an initial public offering process.

Anhui Guozhen Environmental, established in 1997 in Hefei city, Anhui Province, owns and operates 30 sewage treatment assets in Anhui and 7 other provinces in China, and also provides other sewage treatment services, such as O&M, EPC, and manufacturing and sales of products.

Since Marubeni’s equity participation in December 2009, Anhui Guozhen Environmental has expanded its assets from 10 projects to 30 projects (from 650,000 ton/day to 1,340,000 ton/day). The company was listed on ChiNext following an evaluation of its track record and future growth prospects. This marks the first listing of a Chinese sewage treatment company in which a Japanese company has a stake.

As demand for sewage treatment and waste water recycling in the market shows an upward trend as a part of anti-pollution measures, Anhui Guozhen Environmental, making full use of its acquired funds, will continue expanding its business scale. Marubeni also will expand its sewage treatment business in China through Anhui Guozhen Environmental as one of the core companies.

<Anhui Guozhen Environmental>
Establishment : 1997
Employees : 1550 (FY 2013)
Location : Hefei-city, Anhui Province, PRC
Sewage treatment quantity : owning projects 1,340,000 tons/day, O&M 1,220,000 tons/day
Revenue : RMB 638 million (JPY 10,208 million)
Net Income : RMB 58 million (JPY 928 million)
Shareholding Ratio : Anhui Guozhen Group 58.9 %, Marubeni Group 30%,
                            others 11.1% (pre listing)
                            Anhui Guozhen Group 44.1 %, Marubeni Group 22.5%, 
                            others 33.4%(post listing)