Scope#06 | Rehabilitating Angolan textile factories

Creating the fabric of a new Angola

The Republic of Angola is a former Portuguese colony. The country gained independence in 1975 but suffered from a long-running civil war.

In April 2002, a ceasefire brought an end to the violence. Since then, the most important and urgent issue for Angolans has been to rebuild the country by reviving its former industries.

Angola was one of the largest cotton producers in Africa. In 2007, the Marubeni Group took up the challenge to rehabilitate three textile factories destroyed in the war and help the country achieve economic recovery. 

In August 2013, a refurbished factory in Luanda created 200 new jobs. 

Angela, a quality control leader, is looking to the future with hope in her eyes: “This factory opening here gave me knowledge I never imagined. Those new businesses are opening for us.” 

All information is based on interviews conducted in December 2016.