Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Emails Impersonating Marubeni Corporation, the Marubeni Group, or Individual Employees or Executives

Marubeni Corporation

We have received reports of fraudulent emails posing as Marubeni Corporation, the Marubeni Group, or one of our employees or executives. The emails are soliciting fictitious trades or transactions, directing recipients to fake websites and more.

Below are examples of the primary methods used in these emails to trick recipients:

  • Posing as a Marubeni employee or executive, the email requests payment for a fake acquisition or transaction.
  • Posing as a Marubeni employee or executive, the email solicits the purchase of bonds or requests an investment.
  • Creating a fake homepage that uses a fake company name that could be confused for a Marubeni Group company, and/or Marubeni Group logos or images without permission, in order to make it look like the website has a connection with the Marubeni Group.
  • Using an email address that looks similar to a real Marubeni or Marubeni Group email address, the email directs the recipient to a web page that has nothing to do with Marubeni or the Marubeni Group, which will then ask for personal information, passwords etc. (otherwise known as “spoofing”).
  • Posing as Marubeni, a Marubeni Group Company or a partner company to solicit investments or propose business collaboration.
    (e.g. a cryptocurrency business or an eel farming business)

Marubeni and the Marubeni Group has no connection whatsoever to these fraudulent emails or scams. If you receive any suspicious emails or other communication that you suspect may be fraudulent, please contact your local authorities at once.