Launch of the Generative AI Service “I-DIGIO next-AI series Chatbot Service”

Apr. 09, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereafter, “Marubeni”), in collaboration with Marubeni I-DIGIO Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “Marubeni I-DIGIO”), and DOLBIX CONSULTING Inc. (hereafter, “DOLBIX”), has commenced the provision of the generative AI service “I-DIGIO next-AI series Chatbot Service” (hereafter, the “Project”) starting from April 8, 2024. 

Marubeni developed the generative AI service “Marubeni Chatbot” for internal use in April 2023. Since then, in collaboration with Marubeni I-DIGIO and DOLBIX, Marubeni has been expanding the deployment of a variety of apps tailored to diverse needs, not only within Marubeni’s locations worldwide, including Japan, but also across Marubeni Group companies. This Project leverages the expertise gained during the development process, transferring it to Marubeni I-DIGIO. The latter combines this expertise with the consulting services provided by DOLBIX, which include organizing necessary business content and extracting use cases for companies considering the implementation of this Project, to offer generative AI services externally as well.

Image of the Services Available Image of the Services Available

Recently, the development of generative AI has been advancing in various companies around the world, led by OpenAI’s “Chat GPT”. Unlike traditional AI, generative AI has enabled the fast and creative generation of text for tasks such as translation, dialogue, FAQ creation, and article writing. However, there are security concerns associated with inputting unique data into external services, given the possibility that the information provided could be utilized for further training of generative AI.

Within Marubeni Group companies, there has been progress in utilizing services that allow for the use of generative AI and related functions within a secure environment, “Marubeni Chatbot”. This has led to a significant reduction in workload, achieving a reduction of 100,000 annualized hours across the Marubeni.

■About this Project:
・This Project offers an environment at a special price where customers can experience the system before its introduction and conduct accuracy verification for special use cases.
・An infrastructure used for accuracy verification can be built in customer systems or the cloud (Microsoft Azure provided by Microsoft Corporation)  in as little as three days.
・The generated AI model is also contained within the built environment. By using generated AI without external access, confidential information can be safely utilized.
・Services can be customized by adding instruction templates to the generative AI system.
・High response performance is achieved through various mechanisms, such as referencing results generated in past uses.

Marubeni is internalizing the development functions of generative AI and its applications, promoting rapid development and business use. Marubeni will continue to productize the know-how acquired in-house and provide new value to clients both domestically and internationally, thereby contributing to the improvement of productivity across society.

■Company Overview
Marubeni I-DIGIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Company Name: Marubeni I-DIGIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 2-6-1 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: April 3, 2023
Representative: President & CEO Koji Tokuda
Main Business: ICT business group consisting of four companies, including Marubeni Information Systems, Marubeni IT Solutions, Marubeni Network Solutions, and i2ts, which provides optimal solutions and services for the IT lifecycle.
Website: https://www.marubeni-idigio.com/
Head Office: 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: December 21, 2020
Representative: President & CEO Takayuki Suga
Main Business: Supporting digital transformation and providing consulting services.
Website: https://www.dolbix.com/

■Inquiries Regarding This Service:
Business Development Group
Marubeni I-DIGIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Inquiries via e-mail: MIHO310MBR@marubeni-idigio.com

Business Development Office
Inquiries via e-mail: contact@dolbix.com