Acquisition of DTDS Technology Pte Ltd, An Electronic Component Distributor in Singapore

Apr. 04, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) acquired a 74% stake in DTDS Technology Pte Ltd. (hereinafter, “DTDS”), a company that conducts distribution of electronic components such as semiconductors and passive components, as well as being involved in electronic equipment design and development in the ASEAN and India region (hereinafter, the “Acquisition”).

Demand for semiconductors and other electronic components has significantly increased alongside the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), high-speed communication standards (5G), and electric vehicles (EV). High growth is expected to continue in the future, particularly in the ASEAN and Indian markets, due to expanding domestic demand accompanying economic growth and government support for the manufacturing industry.

DTDS handles semiconductors, passive components, and other products for IoT-related equipment; industrial equipment; consumer electronics, such as home appliances; and space/aerospace equipment, mainly supplying to the manufacturing industry in the ASEAN and India, and enjoys an excellent reputation among customers due to its wide-ranging product line-up from suppliers with global market shares. DTDS’s reputation is also founded with its capability to offer design support and development proposals from the initial stages of customer equipment design by engineers with specialist knowledge and design capabilities.

Marubeni has been expanding its electronic components distribution business in Japan including participating in Kono Electronics Co., Ltd. (renamed Marubeni Ele-Next Co., Ltd. on July 1, 2021), a distribution company specializing in general-purpose connectors, in December 2016, and in Salton Co., Ltd. (merged into Marubeni Ele-Next Corporation on April 1, 2024), a distribution company specializing in electronic components, including industrial connectors, in June 2021.

Through the Acquisition, Marubeni aims to further expand the global reach of its business by acquiring DTDS’s strengths in design support and development proposal functions, in addition to securing full-fledged entry into the ASEAN and India markets where rapid growth is forecast going forward. 

DTDS Overview
Company Name: DTDS Technology Pte Ltd.
Location: Singapore
Established: 2001
Representative: Bellamkonda Srinivasa Chakravarthy (CEO)
Main Business: Distribution of semiconductors, passive components, and other electronic components, and design and development of electronic equipment.
Website: https://dtdsgp.com

Smart Water Meter developed by DTDS Smart Water Meter developed by DTDS

Lora Module developed by DTDS Lora Module developed by DTDS