Expansion of Work-Life Management Policies

Apr. 01, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) will expand various policies related to work-life management, effective April 1, 2024.

Our human capital is the Marubeni Group’s greatest asset and the driving force behind value creation. Marubeni is driven by the idea that it is important for each employee to manage their work and life autonomously in order to allow them to continue molding their careers and to maintain high performance at both an individual and organizational level. With this in mind, Marubeni has been enhancing various policies to encourage work-life management.

Amid a changing environment due to circumstances such as the diversification of values towards work and a declining workforce population, Marubeni will expand its work-life management policies as detailed below to further support career continuity and flexible working styles and provide a work environment for employees to continue to thrive.

1. Family Remote Support Program (New)
To support career continuity for employees who relocate to remote areas within Japan due to family circumstances, this program allows them to work fully remote.

2. Employee Leave & Re-hiring Policy for Spouse Relocation (Expanded)
・Employee leave and the re-hiring period for employees who leave their positions due to spouse relocation will be extended from 3 to 5 years and eligibility will be expanded (not only employees relocated to overseas locations, but also those relocated within Japan will now be eligible).
・Engaging in other work for career advancement will be permitted during leave.

3. Childcare & Family Caregiving Related Policies (Expanded)
・To expand career advancement opportunities for employees raising children, a new childcare service allowance that can be used during business trips will be introduced, and the current childcare service allowance that can be used upon returning to work will be expanded.
・To support career continuity for employees who work shortened hours due to childcare and family caregiving obligations, the policy of uniformly reducing compensation for shortened work hours will be abolished. 

4. Annual Paid Leave & Special Leave (Expanded)
・To further encourage employees to take leave, a new “Premium Leave” system will be established to grant additional leave to employees who take over a set number of days of annual paid leave.
・In response to the increase in mid-career hires, the number of days of annual paid leave will be granted with respect to an employee’s overall work tenure and not limited to the number of years working at Marubeni. The conditions for granting leave due to injuries, illness, and family nursing and caregiving based on work tenure will be discontinued.

5. Working Environment Support Section (New)
A new section will be established in the Human Resources Department to further strengthen support structures for the overall working environment, including work-life management, health and productivity management, and working styles.