Collaboration for Business Jet Maintenance:
Marubeni Aerospace and ShinMaywa Establish “JAMS” Business Aviation Maintenance Company

Feb. 07, 2024
Marubeni Corporation
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

Marubeni Aerospace Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni Aerospace”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni"), and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter, “ShinMaywa") have announced the establishment of a new business aviation maintenance company, “JAMS”, which will commence maintenance operations based at the Central Japan International Airport (Nagoya) from April 2024.


The Japanese business aviation market is expected to grow further, with the number of arrivals and departures (domestic and international routes) in 2022 exceeding those of 2019—prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—due to rising inbound travel and business trip demand. JAMS will provide maintenance services for a wide range of aircraft types, aiming to become one of the largest maintenance companies specializing in business jets in Japan. They will achieve this by leveraging the strengths of both the Marubeni Group’s networks in business aviation and ShinMaywa's experience in aircraft maintenance.

In the aviation sector, Marubeni has an extensive track record in providing agency services, aviation parts trading, aircraft and engine leasing, airport ground handling services, MRO businesses, and various other services. In the business aviation field, Marubeni Aerospace established JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd, a charter arrangements and aircraft operations management company in 2019, utilizing Marubeni Aerospace’s extensive expertise and networks. By offering maintenance services through JAMS, the Marubeni Group will strengthen and expand its business aviation-related functions, aiming to maximize the value it provides to customers as a leading company offering comprehensive and integrated services, from aircraft sales to flight management, charter arrangements, and maintenance.

ShinMaywa has been engaged in the manufacture and repair airframe business for the Japan Ministry of Defense, including US-2 STOL Search and Rescue Amphibians, as well as the manufacture of components for commercial aircraft. In recent years, ShinMaywa has also been involved in the maintenance of commercial business jets. The establishment of JAMS has as its aim the further expansion of maintenance business based on conventional manufacturing, by means of participation in the aircraft maintenance and aircraft materials (composite materials) recycling businesses, to thereby contribute to the “Sustainable Life of Aircraft”.

Through JAMS, Marubeni and ShinMaywa will create the framework to cater to a wide range of market needs by establishing systems to enable business jet users to benefit from an extensive lineup of high standard services as well as develop existing and potential demand and increase maintenance bases on an ongoing basis.

Business jet hangar at Central Japan International Airport

Business jet hangar at Central Japan International Airport

Business jet hangar at Central Japan International Airport

JAMS establishment ceremony JAMS establishment ceremony
Overview of JAMS  
Company Name: JAMS Co., Ltd.
Location (HQ): 1-1-3, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Branch office: 1-2, Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi (Inside Central Japan International Airport)
Shareholder: Marubeni Aerospace Corporation 50%, ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.50%
Representative: Hiroki Nishikawa (President and CEO)
Establishment: Feb. 2024
Main Business: Aircraft maintenance, maintenance management, technical support business, etc.
Website: https://bj-jams.jp

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