Launch of “MALOOP PROJECT” and Associated Website for Environmentally Friendly Businesses in the Textile Industry

Apr. 10, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

On April 10, 2024, Marubeni Corporation launched the “MALOOP PROJECT” and made public a Project website. The MALOOP PROJECT is an initiative to promote environmentally friendly businesses which aims to facilitate sustainable development of the Textile Industry.


Based on the concept of “addressing various environmental issues together with everyone and continuing to create a sustainable future,” the MALOOP PROJECT is an initiative to tackle environmental issues through multifaceted approaches, including the development of environmentally friendly products, the trade of materials and products with minimal environmental impacts, and environmentally friendly business investments.


Examples of MALOOP PROJECT initiatives
・Circ, Inc.: Simultaneous chemical recycling of polyesters into polyester fibers and cottons into cellulose fibers such as lyocell from blended polyester and cotton materials.
・M-OBP: Recycling of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) waste, disposed of within 50 km of coastlines, and with the potential to be discharged into the sea.
・Remote island closed recycling: Recycling of PET bottles collected on Amami Oshima Island using a closed recycling system.

What Marubeni aims to achieve through the MALOOP PROJECT
Through the MALOOP PROJECT, Marubeni aspires to help realize a sustainable society and create new value in both environmental and economic terms by leveraging the business development expertise and global network that the company has cultivated over many years. The newly launched website introduces the Project concepts, projected vision, and details of individual projects underway as part of the initiative. Marubeni will also continue to update the website with details regarding efforts to realize a sustainable society and other relevant content.

Through the MALOOP PROJECT, Marubeni will actively seek to explore new possibilities for environmentally friendly businesses and contribute to the preservation and sustainable development of the global environment.

Website information
Link:        https://maloop.com/
Content: Introduction of the MALOOP PROJECT, including examples of ongoing projects, latest news, and other updates.