Limited-Time Release of the Digital Fashion Mall “WEAR GO LAND” in a Metaverse Space

Mar. 25, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni will build a metaverse space called “WEAR GO LAND,” where users can enjoy new fashion experiences, and will conduct a demonstration experiment (hereinafter, the “demonstration”) that will be open to the public for a limited time, from April 6 to 21, 2024.


“WEAR GO LAND” is a metaverse space specializing in fashion, consisting of a brand area, a runway area, a coordination world, a photo booth area, and other areas. In the demonstration, three brands, “X-girl,” “9090,” and “louren,” will open virtual stores, and “WEAR GO LAND” will work with each brand to provide a new way for users to enjoy fashion. Users will be able to walk freely around the Metaverse space through their avatars, visit stores and fashion shows, and combine items they are interested in, as well as receive coordination advice from experienced stylists. A tie-up event with ViVi, a women's fashion magazine and digital content provider, is also planned to take place during the demonstration.



The purpose of this demonstration is to examine the impact of the “WEAR GO LAND” experience on brand engagement and verify whether it could serve as a solution to the challenges faced by both brands struggling to approach consumers and consumers facing difficulties in trying on and purchasing clothing.

Marubeni aims to build next-generation digital fashion malls where market size is expected to expand in the future based on the knowledge gained through this demonstration in the Metaverse, XR*, and other peripheral areas.

Abbreviation for “Cross Reality” or “Extended Reality.” A general term for technologies that create new experiences by fusing the real and virtual worlds.


Outline of the Demonstration

Duration: April 6 (Sat.) to April 21 (Sun.), 2024
Website: https://weargoland.vket.com/
Instagram Account: wear_go_land
X Account: @wear_go_land
To Participate: Access the link above using a smartphone, tablet, or PC, available both in Japan and overseas.
(Supported language: Japanese only)