Strategic VCaaS Alliance in the Technology Sector Centered on Artificial Intelligence (AI) between Marubeni and Benhamou Global Ventures

Mar. 08, 2024
Marubeni Corporation
Benhamou Global Ventures

Marubeni and Benhamou Global Ventures (hereinafter, “BGV”), a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, USA, have concluded a VCaaS* strategic alliance agreement (hereinafter, “this Alliance”) in the technology sector centered on Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter, “AI”).

Through this Alliance, Marubeni will aim to leverage BGV’s extensive knowledge and network in the world’s largest innovation hubs, including Silicon Valley, to explore innovative business models and technologies, identify and create investment opportunities, and build a strong local network. Meanwhile, BGV will aim to create added value for its portfolio companies through new partnership opportunities, leveraging Marubeni’s extensive knowledge and customer network across a wide range of industries worldwide.

Moving forward, both companies will accelerate innovation in the technology sector (including AI), create new business opportunities, enhance competitiveness in the global market, and further promote business development.

An initiative aiming to accelerate innovation, integrate external innovations, and create growth opportunities by quickly accessing cutting-edge technologies and business models through the knowledge and network possessed by venture capital.

Marubeni Overview

Company Name: Marubeni Corporation
Head Office: 4-2, Ohtemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8088
Establishment: 1949
Representative: Masumi Kakinoki, President and CEO, Member of the Board
Main Business: Marubeni Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries use their broad business networks, both within Japan and overseas, to conduct importing and exporting (including third country trading), as well as domestic business, encompassing a diverse range of business activities across wide-ranging fields including lifestyle, IT solutions, food, agri business, forest products, chemicals, metals & mineral resources, energy, power, infrastructure project, aerospace & ship, finance, leasing & real estate business, construction, industrial machinery & mobility, next generation business development and next generation corporate development. Additionally, the Marubeni Group offers a variety of services, makes internal and external investments, and is involved in resource development throughout all of the above industries.
Website: https://www.marubeni.com/en/

BGV Overview

Company Name: Benhamou Global Ventures
Head Office: 1600 El Camino Real, Suite 280, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
Establishment: 2004
Representative: Eric Benhamou(Founder & General Partner)
Main Business: Management and operation of startup investment funds
Website: https://benhamouglobalventures.com/