Memorandum of Understanding with Japan Airlines to Collaborate in the Development of the Sustainable Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries industries

Feb. 16, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter, “MOU”) with Japan Airlines Corporation (hereinafter, “JAL”) to collaborate in the direct-to-consumer business (hereinafter, the “Collaboration”) in order to establish an integrated supply chain from the producer to the consumer of sustainable products.




This collaboration is intended to promote the production and sales of sustainable primary products by directly communicating the efforts and commitment of producers to consumers through the “SORAKARA OTODOKE”* online store operated by JAL, combining  the Marubeni Group’s network of agricultural, livestock, and marine product producers and knowledge that contributes to reducing the environmental impact of production with the JAL Group’s high-speed fresh transportation capacity and customer base.

Marubeni has been working to address the environmental issue of livestock manure disposal in the livestock industry by establishing a framework for collecting manure-derived compost from producers, selling it as fertilizer for agricultural use, and selling the produced agricultural products to consumers. In the fisheries sector, Marubeni has been promoting efforts to reduce the environmental impact of primary industries, including the promotion of low-fishmeal feeds.

Through this collaboration, Marubeni will deliver such environmentally friendly food products and products with a unique taste as well as expand its consumer base, thereby creating opportunities for the various efforts of producers to be widely recognized and more highly evaluated.

JAL Mall “SORAKARA OTODOKE” (Click here for more information in Japanese)