Participation in the “CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPO” with a Traceability Management Platform Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Feb. 16, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni, together with Circularise B.V. of the Netherlands (hereinafter, “Circularise”), will exhibit a traceability management platform utilizing blockchain technology (hereinafter, “the platform”) at the “2nd CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPO” (hereinafter, “the exhibition”).

The platform enables the creation of Digital Product Passports*1 (hereinafter, “DPP”), which are under consideration for adoption in Europe, as well as the use of “Smart Questioning” technology*2 and the creation of ledgers and reports using the mass balance approach*3. Marubeni aims to deploy the platform in the Japanese market as well as other markets in Asia and has been conducting verification experiments since the signing of a business partnership agreement with Circularise in February 2021. Furthermore, in May 2021, Marubeni successfully input information on plastic recycling verification experiments into Circularise’s platform and created DPP as part of the “Digital Product Passport Study Group” launched by J-CEP*4 in March 2023.

Through its participation in the exhibition, Marubeni seeks to expand collaboration possibilities with various companies and organizations and contribute to the realization of a circular economy by implementing the still-new concept of DPP in Japan, thereby promoting sustainable product design and improving transparency in resource procurement.


: CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPO is a new exhibition dedicated to circular economy creation, gathering circular design, sustainable materials, PaaS (product as a service) related technologies, resource recovery, recycling, and reprocessing technologies, etc. Visitors of companies aiming for the circular business model will be in attendance.
(More information on the Expo: https://www.decarbonization-expo.jp/hub/en-gb/about/ce.html)
Term : Feb. 28 (Wed) to Mar. 1 (Fri), 2024: 10:00-18:00 (on Mar. 1 (Fri): 10:00-17:00)
Location : East Hall (Marubeni Booth: E71-5), Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

1 An electronic passport that allows users to verify a product’s sustainability information by scanning a QR code or similar device.

2 A technology developed by Circularise based on zero-knowledge proof, a cryptographic method that allows for selective and limited disclosure of information without revealing any specific details.

3 In the chemical and plastic industries, a management method for production, distribution, and processing that enables a gradual transition to sustainable raw material usage without the need for separate production lines for sustainable products.

4 Japan Circular Economy Partnership (hereinafter, “J-CEP”) is a new business co-creation partnership where companies and organizations aiming to achieve a sustainable society collaborate with residents, government, universities, and others to promote a circular economy. As of October 2, 2023, J-CEP has 59 companies and 9 organizations as members.

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