Partnership Agreement with Yondr Group for the Development of Hyperscale Data Centers

Feb. 15, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has entered into a partnership agreement with Yondr Group, a global developer of hyperscale data centers*, to initiate a development project for a hyperscale data center in the West Tokyo area, with Marubeni and Yondr Group also anticipating the future development of multiple hyperscale data centers within Japan. The partnership agreement will initiate the development of a project focused on a hyperscale data center that utilizes renewable energy, set to launch in the West Tokyo area.

The demand for hyperscale data centers is on the rise due to the growing prevalence of remote work and the widespread adoption of cloud services. It is anticipated that the expanding market for generative AI and other technologies will continue to drive this demand. Yondr Group, as a developer, owner, operator, and service provider of hyperscale data centers, has established a foundation for delivering exceptional and consistent services to its customers across eight countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Given that data centers consume significant amounts of electricity, the utilization of renewable energy is a critical challenge, and it is expected that the demand for renewable energy sources and their application will increase. Under this partnership, Marubeni will leverage its network with local stakeholders in Japan to jointly advance the development of this project and take the lead in planning for the supply of renewable energy. This project will serve as a steppingstone for Marubeni into the growing hyperscale data center development industry and its aim to contribute to a decarbonized society by providing renewable energy solutions to data centers.

Large-scale facility with a server power capacity of approximately 20MW or more, designed to efficiently process large volumes of data for mega cloud service providers.

Overview of Yondr Group

Company name: Yondr Group
Head office: London, UK
Shareholder: Cathexis Group LP (100%; as of Dec. 31, 2023)
Established: 2018
Representative: Paul Cossell
Main business: Developer, owner, operator, and service provider of hyperscale data centers
Website: https://www.yondrgroup.com/