Investment in Japanese Cosmetics Brand Company OSAJI Inc.

Nov. 28, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni “) has concluded a capital alliance agreement to underwrite a third-party allotment of new shares by OSAJI Incorporated (hereinafter, “OSAJI Inc.”), which plans and sells the Japanese cosmetics brand OSAJI (hereinafter, the “Project"). OSAJI Inc. is a spin-off company of Nitto Elechemic Co., Ltd., which has been planning, manufacturing, and selling OSAJI products in the capacity of brand owner. Coinciding with Marubeni’s underwriting of shares under the Project, Gunma Regional Advanced Solution Partners Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “GRASP”), an investment subsidiary of Gunma Bank Ltd., will also underwrite OSAJI Inc. shares through the Gunma Regional Co-creation 2 Limited Liability Partnership, which GRASP manages and operates.


231127_osaji1 Kako (direct-managed store which also provides interactive aroma creation experiences)

231127_osaji2 Exterior view of direct-managed OSAJI store

231127_osaji3 OSAJI Products


The doctors who attended the daimyo (feudal lords) and the shogun (military general and de facto leader of the nations) during the Edo period (1600–1868) were referred to as “Osaji” due to the fact that they used a saji (spoon) to mix medicines. Established in 2017, OSAJI is a brand which is striving to become the modern-day equivalent of the Osaji/doctor, supporting the health and beauty of lifestyles by complementing and enhancing the uniqueness of each individual user.

OSAJI has enjoyed rapid growth thanks in part to the wide range of consumer support it offers as well as the shared identification among consumers with its emphasis on quality and social responsibility. The brand incorporates Japanese design and raw materials in its formulations, as well as development of products tailored to various consumer priorities and concerns in addition to catering to diverse usage scenes. OSAJI also emphasizes manufacturing processes and product designs that incorporate sustainability considerations. The brand ultimately aims to popularize a beauty culture that facilitates individuals in expressing their unique beauty attributes and lifestyles. Marubeni’s identification and sympathy with the brand vision of engaging in “a business which is good to people” was decisive to its execution of the Project.

Through the Project, Marubeni will offer support for the expansion of OSAJI Inc. development and production facilities, enhance directly managed store openings, and promote overseas expansion to establish OSAJI as a leading next-generation brand representing Asia. The Project also aims to leverage GRASP’s local network to make it a model of regional industrial promotion through regional banks by collaborating and cooperating with local companies and governments in the region.

Following the 2019 establishment of the Next Generation Business Development Division, Marubeni has identified a business growth theme of anticipating changes over time and creating businesses that connect to the next generation. Taking this as its starting point, the Next Generation Business Development Division promotes business development and investment in business areas such as healthcare, medical, next-generation social infrastructure, and wellness. In the wellness field, Marubeni is pursuing business development in the beauty and related area, targeting next-generation Asian consumers who aim to achieve lifestyles aligned to their unique individual attributes as well as socially responsible consumption. Marubeni will continue to strengthen business development in these growth areas, aspiring to realize a vibrant and colorful society populated by next-generation consumers who can take an increasingly active role in realizing their ideal lifestyles.


OSAJI Inc. Overview

Company Name: OSAJI Inc.
Location: Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture, Japan
Established: October, 2023
Representative: Masakazu Shigeta
Main Business: Planning and sales business of OSAJI
Website: https://osaji.net/

Nitto Elechemic Co., Ltd. Overview

Company Name: Nitto Elechemic Co., Ltd.
Location: Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture, Japan
Established: October, 1959
Representative: Ryohei Shigeta
Main Business: Metal surface treatment business, planning, Manufacturing, and selling beauty and personal care products
Website: http://www.nitto-ec.co.jp/

GRASP Overview

Company Name: Gunma Regional Advanced Solution Partners
Location: Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture, Japan
Established: December, 2020
Representative: Hideo Kagamiyama
Main Business: Investment and fund management business for the purpose of creating sustainable local communities
Website: https://www.g-rasp.co.jp/