Finalization of Recipients of Marubeni Foundation FY 2023 Grants (49th Round of Grants)

Oct. 31, 2023
Marubeni Corporation
Marubeni Foundation

The Marubeni Foundation (President: Masumi Kakinoki) has finalized the list of recipients of its 49th round of grants for social welfare initiatives for FY2023. This year saw a total of 1,049 applications, from among which 66 facilities and organizations in Japan have been selected to receive grants totaling 100 million yen.

The Marubeni Foundation was established as a private sector social welfare grant-awarding organization in 1974, utilizing contributions from Marubeni Corporation. Since 1975, the Marubeni Foundation has continued to provide grants to an annual total of 100 million yen to social welfare facilities and organizations in Japan to support their needs in the domains of facilities, equipment, vehicles, and renovations, as well as to fund fieldwork and research activities. Including this 49th round of grants, the Marubeni Foundation has awarded a total of 2,896 social welfare grants, amounting to a total of 4.95 billion yen.

Grant recipients include a wide range of facilities and organizations engaged with persons with disabilities, children and youth, and the elderly. Reflecting the social circumstances of today’s world, special consideration is given to organizations engaged in support for individuals who have become socially withdrawn, the protection of women, aiding those facing economic uncertainties, and for children’s cafeterias (facilities that provide meals for children for free or at a reduced price), food banks, and local community activities, as well as other organizations working with populations which the government struggles to reach, with the unique benefits of this being administered by a private sector foundation leveraged to award grants with an emphasis on pioneering and developmental projects.

The Marubeni Foundation grants are managed under a framework which is upheld by means of cooperation between individuals and the company. Financing for the grants is primarily by means of individual donations from the 100 Yen Club, a fundraising organization whose voluntary membership is comprised of Marubeni Corporation and Marubeni Group executives, employees, and alumni, and matching contributions which are then made by Marubeni Corporation, as well as using income from asset management. In addition, 100% of admissions proceeds from the Marubeni Gallery are donated to the Marubeni Foundation. The Marubeni Foundation will continue to actively engage with the promotion of social welfare activities with the aim of contributing to society at large.

<Outcomes of initiatives by past grant recipients>

Renovations of a space for children Renovations of a space for children

Purchase of an electric vehicle for food distribution Purchase of an electric vehicle for food distribution

Purchase of a tractor for agricultural use Purchase of a tractor for agricultural use