Relief Aid for Victims of the Typhoon in Tottori Prefecture

Sep. 29, 2023
Marubeni Corporation
Mibugawa Electric Power Co., Inc.

In consideration of the significant damage resulting from Typhoon No. 7 (Typhoon Lan) in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has decided to contribute 2 million yen of relief aid to the affected areas.
In addition, Marubeni Group company Mibugawa Electric Power Co., Inc., the representative company of M&C Tottori Hydro Power Co., Ltd., (hereinafter, “MCHP”) will contribute 1 million yen to Misasa Town (in Tohaku County, Tottori), which suffered particularly severe damage from among the areas where MCHP’s power plants are located. The donation will be completed through a local development support tax system (corporate version of Furusato Tax). MCHP was previously selected to become the operator of a redevelopment and administration project for Tottori Prefecture’s hydropower stations in a project which is set to become Japan’s first concession-method PFI endeavor for hydropower facilities.

Marubeni Group extends our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the typhoon and our hope for speedy progress in recovery and reconstruction operations.