Development of the Blue Visby Solution Prototype to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Global Maritime Trade

Aug. 08, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) participated in the Blue Visby Consortium in August of last year to develop an integrated system, Blue Visby Solution (hereinafter, the “System”), which notifies ships of the optimal date and time to make arrival at their destination. The Blue Visby Consortium conducted verification towards implementation of the System using a fleet of gas and chemical tankers operated by Marubeni. It was confirmed through this verification that CO2 emissions could be reduced by an average of approximately 15% over a total of 625 voyages of 68 vessels operated and chartered by Marubeni. Marubeni and Blue Visby Services Ltd. (hereinafter, “Blue Visby”) have since signed a Letter of Intent for the development of a prototype version of Blue Visby Solution (hereinafter, “Blue Visby Prototype/Chemicals”).

Ships waiting to enter their destination port Ships waiting to enter their destination port

Solution simulation results, with circle size indicating the relative amount of potential CO2 emission reduction Solution simulation results, with circle size indicating the relative amount of potential CO2 emission reduction

Blue Visby Solution comprises software, an operational system, and contractual architecture, aimed at improving inefficient fuel consumption due to the practice of cargo ships that Sail Fast Then Wait near their destination, and thereby deliver very substantial reductions in GHG emissions.

Over a period of several years, Blue Visby Solution has progressed through a series of stages–including multiple proof of concept studies and pilot programs–while the Blue Visby Consortium has grown to comprise over 25 member organizations, including Marubeni,  over a period of less than 12 months.

Blue Visby Prototype/Chemicals, which the consortium is currently planning to develop, will be a pioneering basic model. Multiple prototype versions are planned for development across various market segments with the participation of various stakeholders, with the aim of deploying the Blue Visby Solution as a neutral and independent platform designed to eliminate the most significant source of carbon inefficiency in the world seaborne trade. 

Company Overview
Name: Blue Visby Services Ltd.
Address: Minster House, 42 Mincing Ln., London EC3R 7AE, England
Established: July 2021
Representatives: Pekka Pakkanen, Christian Wounlund
Main Business: Software service development for ship operation

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