Conclusion of Fundraising under iSigma Business Advancement Fund IV Investment Limited Partnership

Jul. 12, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

We are pleased to announce the conclusion on July 3, 2023 of fundraising under the private equity fund iSigma Business Advancement Fund IV Investment Limited Partnership (hereinafter, “BAF4”), operated by iSigma Capital Corporation (hereinafter, “iSigma”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”). Following on from the previous iSigma Business Advancement Funds I, II, and III, BAF4, which was established on October 14, 2022, has raised a total of approximately 50 billion JPY from various institutional investors.

BAF4 primarily targets small and medium-sized companies in Japan. iSigma has a proven track record as a business partner which, since its establishment in 2008, has executed total investments of over 50 billion JPY, and supported the growth and sustainable development of 20 companies. This support has included enhancing corporate value through business growth initiatives, such as those for international expansion, digital transformation (DX), and addressing ESG considerations.

Small and medium-sized companies, representing the majority of businesses in Japan, are pivotal to the national economy. Their contributions span from supplying innovative products and services to creating jobs and bolstering local economies. However, the business environment these enterprises operate in continues to face escalating uncertainties and challenges. Factors such as rising raw material costs due to yen depreciation, and an imminent shortfall in potential successors contribute to the mounting complexity of business operations. Even for companies that have successfully gone public, shareholders who provide long-term support are increasingly needed to address a myriad of managerial issues. These include the reconstruction of sustainable growth strategies and responses to internal governance.

Marubeni and iSigma aim to leverage their unique strengths to support the sustainable growth of investee companies and the fund’s stakeholders alike. To achieve this, Marubeni will harness its extensive knowledge and network derived from its various business sectors as a leading general trading company, and utilize its proven business investment and support expertise, amassed through iSigma and management of iSigma Business Advancement Funds I, II, and III.

Overview of iSigma (Notified Business Operator of Specially Permitted Business for Qualified Institutional Investors)
Established: September 2000
Representative:  Hirotaka Hino
Address: Otemachi 1st Square West Tower 2F, 1-5-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Paid-in Capital: 300 million JPY
Main Business: Private equity investments and related services
Shareholder Ratio: Marubeni Corporation 100%
Website: http://www.i-sigma-capital.co.jp/english/index.html
Overview of BAF4  
Full Title: iSigma Business Advancement Fund IV Investment Limited Partnership
Established: October 14, 2022
General Partner: iSigma Capital Corporation
Fund Term: 10 years

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