Partnership Agreement with Orca AI Ltd.: An Israeli Company Developing the Leading Situational Awareness Platform for Vessels

Jul. 04, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has entered into a partnership agreement for sales (hereinafter, the “Partnership Agreement”) of the leading situational awareness platform for vessels (hereinafter, the “Platform”) with Orca AI Ltd. (hereinafter, “Orca AI”), the company responsible for developing the Platform.

The Platform acts as a fully-automatic watch-keeper, powered by computer vision and deep learning algorithms, that automatically recognizes, detects, and tracks other vessels and targets that may pose a risk to a vessel and measures the distance between these risks and that vessel. Information acquired from existing navigational equipment can be superimposed, and displayed in an integrated manner, on a monitor located on the vessel’s bridge. The Platform is operational on a 24/7 basis, prioritizing risks and presenting these via a user-friendly interface. This facilitates enhancements to the situational awareness of the seafarer during challenging navigation situations, including navigation in congested waterways and low visibility conditions. Orca AI has accumulated over 20 million nautical miles worth of marine visual data to date from its customers through vessel-installed cameras capable of uninterrupted 24/7 recordings (hereinafter, “SeaPod”). Orca AI has the capacity to improve performance by deploying AI analysis to the accumulated big data.

In recent years, improvements in the maritime communication environment have led to the development and widespread use of a variety of digital tools. Installation of the Orca AI platform is expected to reduce the workloads of seafarers, while also lessening the risk of collisions and improving the safety of vessel operations. It is additionally anticipated that situational awareness technology will become an essential element in facilitating future autonomous and automated vessel operations.

Marubeni has already started verification of the Platform on a vessel owned by the Marubeni Group, and is furthermore committed to supporting additional improvements to this system from user standpoints.

Through this Partnership Agreement, Marubeni will actively contribute to resolving social and environmental issues and achieving sustainable growth in the shipping industry by combining the Marubeni Group's global network with Orca AI's technological prowess. 

Orca AI Overview
Company Name: Orca AI Ltd.
Location: Haharash 8, 3rd Floor Tel Aviv, Israel
Main Business: Maritime technology
Establishment: April, 2018
Representative: Yarden Gross (CEO & Co-founder), Dor Raviv (CTO & Co-founder)
Website: https://www.orca-ai.io/
Orca AI's camera “SeaPod” Orca AI's camera “SeaPod”

Orca AI's view from the bridge with SeaPod Orca AI's view from the bridge with SeaPod

Normal view from the bridge with human eye Normal view from the bridge with human eye