Sales Partnership Agreement with bound4blue

Jun. 22, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) and bound4blue (hereinafter, “b4b”), a Spanish engineering company which manufactures and sells a wind propulsion system called “eSAIL,” have concluded an agreement (hereinafter, the “Partnership Agreement”) for the purpose of selling this system. Through the Partnership Agreement, Marubeni will promote retail activities for eSAILs both domestically and internationally, leveraging its network in the shipping industry established to date. Furthermore, Marubeni will act as the exclusive business partner of b4b in the Japanese market, with the two partners actively working together to enhance their mutual relationship.



In recent years, the trend towards decarbonization has been gathering momentum in various industries, and awareness of these and other moves to introduce environmental measures are also increasing in the shipping industry. Wind propulsion systems use wind-power (a 100% renewable energy source) to generate propellant thrust, and such technology is gathering attention as a next-generation tool for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry.

There are various types of wind propulsion system, and eSAIL is categorized as a “suction” type sail. 
The basic principles of eSAIL are similar to those underlying the generation of lifting power by airplane wings. The sucking of air into the eSAIL also smooths the flow of wind around its body, with the result that propulsive force can be generated more efficiently.

Marubeni and b4b are also working on a joint project for installation of eSAIL on a Panamax bulk carrier of MMSL PTE. LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni.

In its mid-term management strategy “GC2024,” Marubeni details its aspirations to become a “Forerunner in Green Business” by strengthening its specific green businesses and promoting the “greening” of all other businesses. Marubeni will continue to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions and the creation of a decarbonized society by actively participating in the construction of supply chains that benefit the environment.

Company Profile  
Company Name: bound4blue S.L.
Address: Marie Curie 2, 08210 Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Established: 2014
CEO: Mr. José Miguel Bermúdez
Business: Engineering
Base of Operations: Spain (Barcelona), Singapore
Website: https://bound4blue.com/en/

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