Development of a Wood-based Biomass Power Plant in Ishikari City, Hokkaido:
Providing Renewable Energy by Consuming Locally Produced Fuel

Apr. 13, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) and Taisei Corporation (hereinafter, “Taisei”), through a special purpose company, “Ishikari area Biomass Power corporation” (hereinafter, “IBP”), have started development of a wood-based biomass power plant (Ishikari Area Biomass Power Plant), with a power generation output of 9,950 kW, at the Ishikari Bay New Port Area in Ishikari City, Hokkaido. 

The biomass power plant will consume locally produced fuel, consisting mainly of unused thinned wood from the central area of Hokkaido, to supply renewable energy. IBP has been registered as a “biomass power plant for local resources1” and is expected to contribute to the revitalization of local forestry. IBP signed a Loan Agreement with Shinkin Central Bank and five other local Shinkin Banks located in Hokkaido, and the first draw down was successfully executed.

Marubeni, alongside Taisei and IBP, will work closely with Ishikari City as well as fuel suppliers with the aim of commencing plant operations in January 2026, and with the kind understanding and cooperation of local residents and other related parties.

Marubeni has developed six wood-based biomass power plants. This biomass plant is the company’s second plant to involve local consumption of locally produced fuel after the Godo Biomass Power Plant, which commenced operations on April 2, 2023. Marubeni positioned green strategy as one of the basic policies in its mid-term management strategy “GC2024” and will continuously develop renewable energy projects by leveraging the know-how it has acquired in Japan and overseas.

Ishikari Area Biomass Power Plant Overview:
Location: 730-1, Shinko Chuo, 2-chome, Ishikari city, Hokkaido
Power Generation Output: 9,950 kW
Estimated Annual Power Generation: Approximately 8,000 million kWh (equivalent to power for approximately 25,000 ordinary households)
Fuel Type: Wood Chips (100% domestic wood)
Construction Start Date: November 2023
Commercial Operation Commencement: January 2026
Ishikari area Biomass Power Corporation Overview:
Head Office: 196-1, Shinko Chuo, 2-chome, Ishikari city, Hokkaido
Representative: Seishi Narita
Business: Construction of a wood-based biomass power plant, supply and sale of electricity, etc.
Investing Companies: Marubeni Clean Power Corporation*2 (50%), Taisei Corporation (50%)

*1 The local government approved the project which will utilize unused resources produced locally and contribute to the development of forestry as well as fisheries
*2 Marubeni has invested in IBP through its wholly-owned subsidiary Marubeni Clean Power Corporation