Marubeni Closes an Investment in Cirba Solutions, LLC:
Participating in the Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Business

Feb. 09, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation, (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has successfully completed a US$50 million investment into Cirba Solutions, LLC (hereinafter, “Cirba Solutions”), the largest and most comprehensive battery management and materials processor for end-of-life (hereinafter, “EOL”) batteries and manufacturing scrap.

Cirba Solutions has been a pioneer in the North American battery recycling industry and has built a profitable business by processing EOL lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter, “LiB”) and cross-chemistry batteries over 30 years. The company also offers comprehensive circular services from the collection of batteries, and the processing and extracting critical materials, and supplying materials that go back into the supply chain. Through a collaboration with The Heritage Group (hereinafter, “THG”), the majority owner of Cirba Solutions that manage environmental services, Cirba Solutions has been strengthening its battery collection network.

With the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles, proper EOL LiB management and recycling is essential for the sustainability of the battery supply chain and for reducing the environmental impact of LiB production from virgin metals.

Marubeni has been involved and grown its presence in the battery material industry since 1985. Marubeni and Cirba Solutions look forward to continuing the development of the circular business in the battery supply chain. Marubeni’s investment will support the expansion of Cirba Solutions’ facilities to expedite and accelerate Battery to Battery Closed-Loop Recycling *. 

Under its Mid-Term Management Strategy GC2024, Marubeni has positioned green strategy and aspires to be a forerunner in green business. Through the investment into Cirba Solutions and strengthening collaboration with THG and Cirba Solutions, Marubeni will contribute preserving natural resources, reducing environmental impact, and creating a sustainable supply chain of critical metals, which are essential for transitioning to a decarbonized society. 
* Battery to Battery Closed-Loop Recycling: An essential waste management practice by which EOL batteries and manufacturing scrap are recycled back into themselves to produce new batteries. 

Company Profile:
Company Name Cirba Solutions, LLC
Location Indiana, United States of America
CEO David Klanecky
Incorporated 1991
Main Business EOL battery recycling (collection, sorting, separation, inspection, replacement, crushing, processing) and sales of processed material. 
Cirba Solutions combines the resources and expertise of affiliated companies, Heritage Battery Recycling, LLC, Retriev Technologies, Inc. and Battery Solutions, LLC. 
Website https://www.cirbasolutions.com/