Announcement of Entry into the Organic Grains and Pulses Food Packaging Business and Commencement of Sales to Consumers in the United States

Sep. 19, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

Columbia Grain International, LLC (located in Oregon, USA, hereinafter,  “CGI”), a subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), established Enrich Foods, LLC (located in Oregon, USA, hereinafter, “Enrich Foods”) through which it acquired the assets of Great River Organic Milling (located in Wisconsin, USA, hereinafter, “GROM”). This acquisition enabled CGI to enter the organic grains and pulses food packaging business and begin sales to consumers.

info_230919_1 GROM Products


In recent years, the demand for organic food has been increasing in the United States due to growing health consciousness and environmental awareness, and the organic food market in 2022 has grown to USD62 billion, approximately twice that of 2013.

GROM procures organic grains and pulses mainly in Wisconsin, USA, and manufactures its own brand products and private brands of major high-end supermarkets at its factory established in 2022. It sells nationwide through major high-end supermarkets and e-commerce platforms in the United States. GROM  also owns a milling factory and conducts a milling business for organic wheat, pulses*, etc.

CGI, leveraging its relationship with U.S. farmers built through over 40 years of grain and pulse collection business, has been expanding its business into the processing and manufacturing of organic grains and pulses with a “Farm-to-Table” philosophy, providing high-quality and delicious food from the production area to the table. In 2020, CGI launched Balanced Bushel, its own brand, and plans to start selling nationwide by utilizing the assets and sales network it acquired.


info_230919_2 Balanced Bushel Products


Marubeni will provide safe, high-quality, and delicious organic grains and pulses directly obtained from producers to consumers’ tables by utilizing the assets and sales networks it recently acquired and CGI’s collection network of grains and pulses in the United States.

Pulses: Types of beans such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, etc.



Company Name: Columbia Grain International, LLC.
Head Office: Portland, OR
Establishment: 1978
Ownership: Marubeni America Corporation 100%

Enrich Foods, LLC

Company Name: Enrich Foods, LLC.
Head Office: Portland, OR
Establishment: 2023
Ownership: CGI 100%


Company Name: Great River Organic Milling
Head Office: Fountain City, WI
Establishment: 1975

Balanced Bushel

Brand Name: Balanced Bushel
Website: https://balanced-bushel.com/