Name Change of Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd

May 12, 2023
Marubeni Corporation

As previously announced in the March 3, 2023 News Release,  “Acquisition of All the Shares and Trademark Rights of Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd.,”, Marubeni Corporation has acquired 100% of the shares of Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Meiji Sangyo”), as well as intangible assets such as Meiji Sangyo’s related trademark rights.

In conjunction with this share acquisition, it is planned for Meiji Sangyo to change its name on June 19, 2023, as detailed below.

About the new company name

New Company Name: Atrion Co., Ltd.
Origin of the new name: The new company name is inspired by the star Atria. This star is the brightest in, and at the apex of, the constellation to which it belongs. Taking this as our namesake, we will continue to expand our business with “an encompassing sense of the times,” aiming to be a confectionary manufacturer with an enduringly bright future.

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Company Overview

Company Name: Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Note: “Atrion Co., Ltd.” as of June 19
President: Tomotake Yamashita
Founded: January 11th, 1946
Business: Confectionery manufacture and sales of products such as gummi drops, ramune candies, and other candy
Paid-in Capital: 50 million yen
Major Shareholders and Equity Ratio: Marubeni Corporation: 100%
Annual Sales: 4.1 billion yen (Fiscal Year Ended March in 2023)

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