Group including Marubeni Announced as Successful Bidder for the Project for Redevelopment and Operation of Todoroki Ryokuchi

Nov. 08, 2022
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter “Marubeni”), as a member of the group represented by Tokyu Corporation (hereinafter “the Group”), was selected as the successful bidder in the general public tender for the “Redevelopment and Operation of Todoroki Ryokuchi Project” (hereinafter “the Project”) publicly solicited by Kawasaki City. The Project aims for the “realization of a future vision for the new Todoroki Ryokuchi” shown in the “Implementation Plan for Redevelopment of Todoroki Ryokuchi” formulated by Kawasaki City.

The Group consists of companies rooted in the local community, companies that have excellent track records in public infrastructure operations, and companies that have excellent track records in designing and constructing large-scale sports facilities; all these companies have come together to work on the Project. As the next step, the Group will proceed with preparations for concluding a basic agreement with Kawasaki City. Details of the Project will be announced as they become known in accordance with discussions with Kawasaki City.

Business Overview Name: Redevelopment and Operation of Todoroki Ryokuchi
  Location: 1 Todoroki, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, etc.
  Site area: 43.5 ha
  Business: Construction, operation, and maintenance of public and private facilities
  Project period: 30 years from Contract date (Scheduled for April 2023)
  Main developments: (1)Construction of public facilities
・Foundation and road construction of park and planting, etc.
・Reconstruction of Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium into a dedicated ball game stadium
・Demolition and new construction of Todoroki Arena
・Reconstruction of existing sub track field
(2)Construction of private facilities
Consortium (Group)Name Todoroki Park and Link
Consortium Constituent Companies Tokyu Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Marubeni, ORIX Corporation,
Kawasaki Frontale Corporation, Global Infrastructure Management Corporation,
Taisei Corporation, Fujita Corporation, Tokyu Construction Corporation.
Consortium Partner Companies Azusa Design Corporation, Ohba Co., Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC,
Tokyu Community Corporation., Tokyu Sports System Corporation,
DeNA Kawasaki Brave Thunders Corporation.