Marubeni Invests in Galileo Wheel Ltd., a Company Developing Airless Tires in Israel

Oct. 12, 2022
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has acquired shares of Galileo Wheel Ltd. (hereinafter, “Galileo”), an Israeli company developing unique structured airless and pneumatic tires.

Galileo’s private brand “Cup Wheel” has an airless function and greater ground contact compared to standard tires, leading to better traction*1 and improved productivity. They also reduce soil compaction*2 and soil damage in general. Galileo has already started sales of tires used for center pivot irrigation machinery. They also plan to sell tires for skid steer loaders and small construction machinery, and will mainly expand sales for agricultural and construction machinery.

Galileo tires have already been highly evaluated in the market, and demand for airless tires that require less maintenance is expected to increase with the advancement of autonomous driving for the future. Utilizing its global sales and marketing network, Marubeni will support the sales of the airless tires developed by Galileo.

Galileo’s “Cup Wheel” Tires Galileo’s “Cup Wheel” Tires

*1 Traction: The grip of a tire on a surface.
*2 Compaction: The compression of the ground in contact with the tire.

About Galileo
Company Name: Galileo Wheel Ltd.
Head Office: Mevasseret Tzion, Israel
Establishment: 2010
Representative: Alon Hayka (CEO)
Business Description: Development and sales of airless tires for agriculture andconstruction machinery
Website: https://www.galileowheel.com